General News Thread 2.0


So I thought he was against family/chain-immigration? Or was he meaning to say the word NOT?

Also, vaccinations don’t cause Autism. Anyone who thinks so needs to go back to school.

Anyone reading this, please vaccinate your kids.


Well Sean why do you use the word “immigrants”. When USA started as a colony, wouldn’t it be more correct with colonialist, bought and expanded to the east. People colonised the east and middle of USA, some Europeans migrated to USA (yes it is a much larger amount then the colonialist), so no, in my mind is USA a nation build by colonialist and European migrants, and yes there was black slaves In there to.

And with Europe, Indo-Europeans came much later then the Basque, so Europe is then a continent with a small amount of people that aren’t of immigrent decent/culture or are you now saying that Indo-Europeans aren’t rightfully Europeans then

Ps the second post I made on this wasn’t really well thought out of and argument, more of showing some extremes by that logic I read of by showing that most Europeans aren’t indiguones. So why don’t you now start defending any indiguones Europeans against the evil immigrant Indo-Europeans


One more thing, Indo-Europeans are rightfully Europeans; they wouldn’t be called Indo-Europeans if they weren’t! :slight_smile:

Well one, that’s not the topic, and two, I’m not one of the people that says “the sins of the father are the sins of the son” or some shit. Your actions define your character, not the actions of your distant ancestors. I’m sure my ancient ancestors did some brutal shit. But if we’re talking about this now, anti-Roma sentiment is still a widespread issue.

Also, when I say “founded by immigrants”, the people who revolted against the British, were mostly descended from the British and French themselves.


In other news, the white supremacists who ran down people with a van are planning an anniversary rally. Unfortunately


To lazy to really read it well, so I’ve likely misunderstood, or misread what it means


Honestly, I can’t be bothered to do this either lol



But the America they know was also rescued by Immigrants.

On another note, the original population of America was supplanted by immigrants long ago. You see, back in the beginning, some of the original Americans looked like this:


I think the timing of the change is also appropriate. I can say that WOLFENSTEIN THE NEW COLOSSUS, while very fantasy-themed in its story, actually carries a lot of narrative power over the issues related to Third Reich ideology… storytelling that doesn’t have its full force without the iconography of the Nazis.

It is not heavy handed in its tale, but as a player you can understand the inherent problems of the ideology and the variances through which people from all sides had to deal with it in this sci-fi situation where the Nazis won the war.

It’s a very good example of using fiction as an expression of some version of the present day. So I think the German government recognizes that in certain situations games depicting these stories can and should be able to use the complete historical imagery to convey their ideas.


1 year since the Charlottesville Nazi Rally. Let’s take a moment to reflect on how terrible it was. Actual Nazis with Torches beating up students, minority counter protesters and churchfolk whilst the police stood by and did absolutely nothing. Their inaction allowed the Alt right Fascist fucks to injure and even kill people.

This is why Antifa will always be necessary - When you are confronted with violent Fascists and the Police and Government choose to side with them or act indifferent, antifascist activism is the last line of defence.


Charlottesville was the worst thing I have ever seen, I can’t imagine how people can be so fucking racist to each other.

That being said, just yesterday I have seen this very heart warming video, where a White pride neo-Nazi removed his horrible Swastika tattoo, which says that, people can change under circumstances, in this case, befriending a person of whose race, you’re against. If any of you haven’t seen this video already, I suggest you check it out:

It honestly gave me some respect for humanity! :grinning: Not for radical racist Nazi’s but just hope for humanity in general, and that people can change & do good if they want to ofc.


I think these changes depend a lot of the person and raising. Reminds me of a movie where the protagonist was a neo-nazi and included his little bro to it but after going to prison and barely surviving, he quits all the white supremacy crap and tries to persuade his little bro out aswell. Food for tought with tragic ending. Can’t remember the name the film.


American History X?

Good movie, but still just a movie. Neo Nazis who want to escape their movement do need a way out, and that’s why organizations like Life After Hate are important - but people also need to protect themselves and their communities from the more immediate threat of fascist violence.


What is the diffrence between Facism, and Nazism


Nazism is 4 more points worth at Scrabble.


Naziism is a type of Fascism.


I’m not asking for “Nazism is a form of fascism”. I’m asking how they are different from eachother. Economic policy, government policy etc.


Shooting in New Brunswick.


That’s like asking how the Supermarket is different from the Frozen Produce aisle. But here’s two definitions you can Google

Fascism is a form of radical authoritarian ultranationalism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society and of the economy, which came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe.

Nazism is a form of fascism and showed that ideology’s disdain for liberal democracy and the parliamentary system, but also incorporated fervent antisemitism, scientific racism, and eugenics into its creed. Its extreme nationalismcame from Pan-Germanism and the Völkisch movement prominent in the German nationalism of the time, and it was strongly influenced by the anti-Communist Freikorps paramilitarygroups that emerged after Germany’s defeat in World War I, from which came the party’s “cult of violence” which was “at the heart of the movement.”


This is like saying how is a human heart different from a human body. Quinn already gave another example but I thought this would be more blunt. Fascism can be the standard italian conception… or Nazism as created in Germany, Rexism as created in Belgium, Falangism as created in Spain… etc. You could google.


It was more to see what he though they where, because he(of what I’ve seen) uses fascist and Nazi interchangeably. Like they are the same thing. And yes I did search before about the differences, but I thought i’d see what he thinks the differences are