General News Thread 2.0


Which I don’t.


See? You can make sense every now and again!


VW owns up to accusations it had been using a “Weather Altering Sonic Cannon” to affect the direction of hailstorms in the area of one of its factories.

It issued a statement that use of this weapon, er, tool… will be done with moderation.

“Weather Altering Sonic Cannon”?!? So what next?



This reminds me of people who think “Jews control the weather”.


Yup. Many people here started blaming them and what not. Normally just your typical social network kind of news. It’s funny to see someone calling them out on Facebook while in their front page image they show they drive a Jetta.


Dr. Amigo Clinic in Houston, Texas features doctor dressed up as Dr. Mario!



Salvini confirmed to stop payments to the EU because the migrants on the italian coast guard ship were not taken by the EU.


I’m agree with him only when he says EU must help us and other coastal countries with immigration. But:

  1. before find a solution those poor people must be helped
  2. Salvini accuses Europe, because it doesn’t help Italy taking migrants, and then he makes an alliance with Orban, the first that doesn’t want to take part of migrants. It’s a hypocrisy


Not only does Orbán not want to take the migrants, but he’s also using starvation against the migrants currently waiting at Hungary! :frowning:



This is kind of interesting. It seems that what happened was that one of the officers was trying to pistol-whip the suspect on the back of the head, and his gun went off accidentally. I base this on the fact that medical assistance was already called when the suspect was hurt following the initial pistol-whipping, he must have pissed off the cop or continued to resist in some way which is why the beating must have gone on past the medical call. That’s my read of this anyway, everybody on reddit thinks he was executed because knee-jerk reactions lol.

This doesn’t excuse the officer of charges, it just changes this from homicide to manslaughter. And cops don’t get punished for manslaughter so who knows what will happen.


Literally nothing will happen, the cop will either keep his job or quietly resign having caused a man’s death in a situation that was completely avoidable and wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for his own poor judgement.

This is why people don’t trust the police.

Also calling it an “officer involved shooting” is really interesting use of language. That’s a carefully constructed phrase. I guess “man killed by cop” is a bit too honest.


It was really bad judgement. If the cop had a baton, should have used that. Should have known better than using something that isn’t single-action as a club.


It was terrible judgement and it makes me think that this kind of beating happened more than once involving this officer. I don’t think he’s guilty of homicide, but he should not be serving.


Well homicide means the killing of one person by another - So technically that did happen.

Looks like manslaughter to me. He didn’t set out to kill him but did so through his own rage and negligence.


The whole situation is worst when you take in count the victim has a bullet in the back of the head, wich might look like an execution. Anyway, lets see how this settles down.


We need Ukraine in NATO. It’s the only way to get anyone to come to their defence.



Honestly, I can’t stand Russian government defenders. Not only are they “importing” Ukraine, but they use hypocritical and bullshit arguments as reasoning. And as if that was not bad enough, they actively support Bashar Al-Assad, who I think might be the most disgusting person of the 21st century so far, and try to undermine NATO whenever possible (and many foreign governments)