General News Thread 2.0


Even here in Canada we have our own “Conservative party” (which used to be just Harper’s excuse to ban headscarves at citizenship confirmation). I’m sure you all know by now how I am, uh, not a fan of right-wing politics, and parties. But this is a big issue. This could create a lot of stateless people if implemented, who thought they were Canadian citizens because they were born here. Now I’m sure they won’t start going out and revoking people’s passports, but you never know.


Does anyone in your conservative party know that “not being born in Canada” can also exclude anyone who isn’t First Nation or Metis person?


Like most countries, most of the politicians don’t know what they are doing. But if someone was born here and you can’t identify their parents, what happens then? You’re kind of forced to give them citizenship anyway, otherwise they’d be stateless. Even though the requirements for naturalisation are pretty lenient compared to other countries, it’s still a waste of time.


John McCain died.


Didn’t he get off medical support just yesterday?(or the day before) i didn’t expect him to pass away this quickly


Multiple deaths in a mass shooting in Florida. Reports are early at the moment.

Question is whether this is going to be an undocumented migrant or ISIS which feeds into GOP agenda or an American citizen which will mean ignoring calls for gun control.


One suspect dead. Shooting has taken place at a Madden eSport event in a mall.


WARNING: The tweet below includes a video where you can hear the moment the gunman opens fire.


Fuck why did I decide to listen to that audio? Horrible.


My bet is it’s a white male, maybe a loner, and definitely on (or off?) medication. Just like the majority of the mass shootings we’ve had in the past.

eta: The thing that still won’t be addressed is the effect of these ‘medications’.


People who deflect by saying “but what about mental health care? Why don’t we look at that before attacking gun laws??” are inevitably the same people who oppose a single payer healthcare system because they “don’t want to pay for other people”.

The US is desperately sick


Slightly better news from the Isles

Good fucking riddance


Damn, that was rough to hear… I know it doesn’t change anything now, but at least the shooter was put down…


Dude, I don’t care for Trump either, but really? Lol. I think that is a tad bit of a stretch…


This makes me lose even more respect towards the political views you advocate for.


I’m going to be honest here. I have no problem with you or your political views. But I really don’t need anyone to respect my political views.

Also, you may find I sometimes speak without thinking. Fatal flaw of mine.


I disagree. Being killed makes it so he doesn’t have to face what he’s done. He gets no repercussion.


Fuck the Saudis.



Also very true. But at least he can’t hurt anyone else ever again.


They’re both Mobsters as far as I am concerned.


It’s ridiculous, an error. Just a way to make him stronger, a hero for his supporters. Judges should stay in their place. A lot of years of investigation on Berlusconi made him stronger and stronger. Salvini has to be defeated politically, not penally.