General News Thread 2.0



So they are calling him angry so maybe they won’t try to spin this into mental illness. But that means they gonna blame video games, but it was football-so is football violent?

Someone’s gotta take the fall for this.


Jeez. It’s like the close call the event of a Pokemon convention had with the couple of guys transporting loads of ammo in a truck with shotguns and handguns.


I haven’t claimed you’re defending Trump.

I’ve already explained it’s difficult to prosecute for potential breaches of international law, and drone strikes which result in civillian deaths are a murky area, given they’re carried out outside of armed conflict zones. It’s a reflection of the challenges armed drone warfare has created, as the enitre world can be considered a conflict zone. This is pretty much how the US justify their program, they’re at “war” with terrorists, and therefore they see targeted assassinations as a viable means of pre-emptively striking against a potential threat.

This is a good summary from Prof. Rosa Brooks of Georgetown University, p. 89-90:

As a result, it is impossible to describe current U.S. practices or internal procedures with any certainty, and also impossible to know exactly what legal constraints U.S. officials believe to exist, and whether and how these drones and the international rule of law have changed in the last few years. We do know, however, that as a matter of international law the United States believes itself to be in an armed conflict with al-Qaeda and its associated forces.

The whole paper is worth a read as well, as it outlines the difficult questions faced when applying international law to the issue. For the US at least, they seem to have “solved” this Gordian Knot (at least temporarily) by defining their drone program in a way which allows them to claim they’re in compliance with the rules of war. However, this is far from settled as there’s a strong case to be made they’ve ignored the principles of distinction, necessity, and proportionality, while overlooking the requirements for an actual conflict and the consent of host states.

I predict this legal ambiguity will continue for some time to come.


Yes I understand, but like I said before, the fact of the matter is, you and I don’t know what happens behind closed doors. Especially with the government. I’m sure if you and I (or anyone else for that matter) had to make these unbelievably complicated decisions for the greater good; would we be labeled “evil” in the eyes of some…? Probably…

We just simply do not know. We can speculate, but there is no way to know for absolute certainty at the end of the day.

Well I’ll take a good long look at this later, I can’t right now as I’m about to head into work real soon. Tbc… :slightly_smiling_face:


But the strikes themselves are out in the open. We see the drones and the missiles. We see the bodies being dragged from the rubble. This is no secret and it certainly doesn’t stop us from making judgements about the use of such force and equating it to violence within organised crime.

It’s a perfectly legitimate discussion to have which doesn’t necessitate any “insider” knowledge.




Football has caused all sorts of problems for the city of Glasgow due to the religious backgrounds of Rangers and Celtic, but arguably it is not football itself causing the violence, but rather being an avenue for it.



Also @silvereye27 while I do agree with the fans being responsible for the violence, in other countries it’s not the case. Some football players from countries I will not name in this thread endorse political bullshit being brought into the game, sometimes violently. Some of the teams I support are guilty of this.


Please, Sean. Just say the favourite example of a soccer’s walking breakdown: Diego Maradona.


I think they’re speaking about american football, not the football you mean here. And on the topic of that sport… I admit I’m not an expert but I know that american football can cause permanent brain damage due to the voluntary concussions players explose one another to. So yes it can be called a violent sport.


He’s not violent, he’s just a drug addict. You know, I’m just going to come out and say it: a lot of Croatian football fans (and even some players) are neo-Nazis and supporters of Ustaše. It sucks, and can ruin the game.


In case you forgot how much of a heartless bastard trump is.


I don’t know much about McCain, but from what I saw in that video, I have more respect for him than I have ever had so far for Trump.

Trump’s behaviour on the subject doesn’t make me angry, just saddened.


Well… Milo had a breakdown.


I didn’t know who he was, but now I do :flushed: and now I whish I didn’t :nauseated_face::

Milo Yiannopoulos (also Milo Wagner or Milo Andreas Wagner , born 1984 as Milo Hanrahan [2]) is a former writer for alt-right-affiliated website Breitbart, where he laundered the overtly racist ideas of actual white nationalists as “safer” pieces attacking liberals and their “political correctness” culture.[3] He is also a professional victim,[4] a self-described professional troll,[5] a Gamergatefigurehead, alt-right provocateur, men’s rights activist, homosexual, transphobe, literal advocate of pederasty,[6] fat-shamer, and former 15-minute celebrity.[ please explain ]


D’aww what a poor babby. Apparently this is all over him scamming people yet again by taking money on Patreon and not delivering the content while posting pictures like this:

Screw Milo, he deserves everything he gets at this point.


I never understood that guy. Isn’t he the one who said some line about not being racist because he sucks off black dudes?

I thought the hallmark of white nationalism was having white kids, the whole 14 words thing, so how is a homosexual man (no offense) supposed to lead white nationalists?

I feel like he was just put up with to appear inclusive, and not super hard core.


Never heard of this guy until now, I looked him up and find it absurd how he’s fired for statements about pedophilia by a website based around white supremacy and neo-nazism. Apparently racism is fine, but pedophilia is a step too far according to Breitbart.


Not for Breitbart but for it’s target group.