General News Thread 2.0


I’ve always hated him. It doesn’t help he’s so smug. Just a slimy man.


too bad, I like him and his political views


The man is a pedophile. Oh wait didn’t you post a video you thought would be “good punishment for pedophiles”?


really? I don’t see him sitting in jail, if he is a pedophile give some proof of this


Maybe pedophile isn’t the right word. However, “defender of pedophiles” is. He’s defended having sex with underage boys in the past.

Also, if you respect his political beliefs, I can’t respect you. He’s a misogynist, racist, pedophile defender, anti Semitic cunt. I’ll be happy when he dies.


Now Italy and Hungary are turning on each other.


You have to be joking or insane to say this.


I’m conservative and centre-right in my political views not liberal, he also looks like have a conservative political views at least what I read so far, but I didn’t follow him lately so maybe he gone mad, who knows


Few people disgust me more than Ramzan Kadyrov


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That’s basically the Saudi prince saying: “We will modernize at my pace. Anyone who thinks otherwise can go to the gallows.”

While his execution of this position is perhaps the most dramatic, it is similar in logic to action that was taken up by Singapore and China over “Western-values induced protesting”


Why are weapons being sold to people with mental health problems ?


Forget that. Why are they being sold to any random person off the street? Forget that too. What is the United States’ obsession with the 2nd amendment?


If America is really obsessed with protecting the 2nd Amendment, then it has to understand that Gun Control is part of the protection of the 2nd Amendment.


That’s the hypocritical part about a lot of gun enthusiasts.


The press situation has gotten so bad in Bulgaria and Romania that Radio Free Europe are commencing new broadcasts in late 2018.


Could you explain your reasoning?


I think he means “well regulated militia.”


Perhaps, but unless I’m mistaken, in the historical context “well regulated” basically means “made to be in working order”.


The short answer is that every freedom must have parameters to avoid “arbitrary exercise” which would then allow some people to actually infringe on the freedoms of others, eventually endangering the very freedoms they try to exercise by virtue of Natural Law (when others try to do it to them).

Say for example that you live in a place where Traffic Rules do not exist or are repeatedly ignored and everyone just drives whenever and in whatever speed or manner they feel like. Counterflowing and what not…You could have a drastic up-tick in motoring accidents which can affect the freedoms of other motorists and can even cause deaths. If the situation continues to spin out of control, it is even possible that those who have been using “arbitrary exercise” of their driving privilege can also themselves end up in danger.

Pretty much, by Natural Law, in such a lawless and chaotic situation, no one appreciates anymore the freedom to drive or own a vehicle (ie: people feel constrained against exercising this freedom). In fact, depending on how bad things are, one may no longer feel free to walk on the sidewalks as well! Until one day, people just call for said place to just ban all motor vehicles. This is the last resort in any situation where there is apparent Lawlessness (which is a corruption of Freedoms) or any other situation where it feels no order is enforceable.

Now if there were traffic lights, and traffic rules, lanes with clear arrows showing you which way traffic flows on the left or right side of the street, and all motorists respected them, things wouldn’t be so chaotic and people can ENJOY their right to drive vehicles and travel by use of the roads.

Something like that. :slight_smile:

This is why in some states, like New York, a general concealed carry licence requires that you show proper cause for needing such licence. The idea is you can’t just do anything just because you feel like it. And this is for everyone’s safety as well as your own; both in situations where you might endanger others and of course you will appreciate it that, unless they have good reason, no one at your mall in NY should be carrying a concealed firearm.

It therefore safeguards your freedom and everyone else’s in that specific example.