General News Thread 2.0



TIL google, the company that is literally helping China censor the Internet, is “Left Wing”. LOL.

Hey Trump, the reason that most news about you on Google is negative is because you’re complete trash. Take that home with you.


Big pharma doing what it does best…screwing sick people out of their money


What an ignorant prick


Not bad, remembering something that happend 4 1/2 years before he was born :roll_eyes:.



Did he answer “And we remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki”? Should have said so.


Sad day for Law Enforcement all over this country.

Hopefully Trump gets him a pardon.

All this is going to do is make cops jobs harder-now they have to think twice before they shoot their Ak-15 into a car full of people.

On the bright side, heroic police officer, Betty Shelby, who first came to prominence after she killed a stranded motorist because he was “heavy sweating and smelled of PCP”, now has a job teaching other cops the ends and outs of what it’s like to kill an unarmed black person and survive financially, emotionally, and most important stay on the job protecting and serving.


What a buffoon


Theresa May: The Art of the Deal…

  1. She’s a horrible PM.

  2. She’s only saying that to lessen the backlash the Tories would get.

In other news


I’ve lost all respect for Roger Waters



So a very leftist type against a very right wing type. If that’s the case I will be sad for Florida.


…Is supporting a single payer healthcare system and wanting billionaires to pay their fair share of tax considered too leftist now? Is that where we are at in our political discourse?


If I had to venture a guess it’s probably that and the calls to end ICE and hanging around Bernie Sanders.

stuff that would monkey up the state of Florida.


Thing is, don’t Republicans advocate for dismantling Government agencies all the time? That doesn’t seem so much of a leftist principal as an American one - Small Government, et al. In fact I remember Rick Perry during a TV debate saying he wanted to dismantle the Departments of Education, Commerce and Energy (He even forgot one of them which was pretty cringeworthy).


That’s literally how they put it in the article. If you think he is not as far left then blame the source for making it look like that.


When aliens try to be human…


Former Viet Congs that captured and imprisoned then U.S.Pilot John McCain in Vietnam pay tribute to former adversary saying they remember him as “a man of integrity who was steadfast in his beliefs and ideology”.

The feelings between McCain and Vietnam have been mutual for a very long time. The U.S. Senator’s signature appears in a Guest Book at the North Vietnamese prison that is now a wartime museum and McCain was instrumental in efforts to boost relationships with Vietnam.


huh, I don’t know if I seen any politician ever pull off some wicked dance moves.