General News Thread 2.0


That’s honestly terrifying.


I don’t agree with McCain’s politics, but he sounded like man of integrity. And to be honest, at least hearing the news over here in the UK, it sounds like integrity is something the Republican party desperately needs.


These stories are always inspiring, as there are probably many families unaware of artwork their relatives stole during the war. There’s still around €10 billion of art missing, and that’s in Poland alone.



It’s almost as embarrassing as our former PM trying to speak French with schoolchildren.


Bone joor [CHILDREN], je suis [THE PREMIER OF] Australie. [HEH HEH HEH HEH].

Tony once again proving to be an embarrassment to our nation. I wonder if he knows how to say ‘repository’ in French at least.



Every time Tony Abbott talks it is embarrassing, no matter what language.



Poland threatens to ignore rulings of EU’s top court

it seems like Poland has a history of ignoring demands


Oh God not again…


I’d rather see my parents fucking than Theresa May dance.


Have to say, her dancing is very strong and stable.


“Look how cool my opponent is, you should definitely not vote for him!”



Theresa May after 10,000 more hours of dance practice:



Aw, what a tragedy, I’m so sad for this territory-stealing prick


There was a big oil refinery explosion near my home. Jumped out of the bed. :crazy_face:


I know John McCain’s death has already been reported on, but I felt these were needed to go along with it:

These were wonderful listens.