General News Thread 2.0



Says a guy from the comfort of his computer.


Your sarcasm detector appears to be broken m8


This was too good not to share.


Not surprised at all, also it’s not unheard of that phobic people are drawn towards what they hate and fear.


A lot of prominent homohpobes are often in denial about their own sexuality and their self hatred manifests in that way. Its ironic and sad.


Up next: David Icke caught masturbating to mating lizards.


David Duke caught listening to Tupac


This is what happens when you let people run rampant with guns.


Eh, you guys are giving Alex Jones too much credit, aren’t you? He’s a showman, I don’t think he takes any of his material seriously.


Err…are you sure about that?

Despite the comical title…


He takes harassing the families of murdered children seriously, and he’s been doing that for many years.

Fuck him and everything he does.


Your dictionary app needs a software update.


I don’t think you realise how big the consequences of what Alex Jones says are for other people.


Right, I’m not disagreeing with Quinn - ahh, forget it!


I’d say the consequences of what he does are pretty serious.


The path to NATO for Ukraine has begun.




This book sounds really interesting, and I certainly take something written by Bob Woodward more seriously than I do something by Michael Wolff.