General News Thread 2.0



Here’s some nice news, a welcome change


Tony Blair says he is “not sure it is possible” for Labour “moderates” to take the party back from the left.



Anything this man says I try to block out, given that he helped Bush torture people and they both got away with it.


He still has some supporters.


The fact people even feel the need to talk about him anymore is stupid. He was not a progressive by any means, and he was a war criminal.



Syrian Military Airport rocked by unexplained explosions.

Initial reports claimed the explosions were from an airstrike, but later reports retracted this, saying the explosions may have been the result of an accident due to faulty wiring or other unexplained source.

Hopefully the unexplained source is nothing like this…



Barrack Obama speech at University of Illinois


Honestly, I’m surprised this man even managed to get married.

He looks like a fucking junkie at his best


Riot Games employee pair who spearheaded gender equality at Riot Games setup a “No Boys Allowed” panel at PAX West, cause outrage, and lose their jobs.

P.S.: Apparently in the Twitter-storm between Klein and male gamers who complained about exclusion, Klein got increasingly abrasive, dismissing anyone who complained as “manbabies” and telling one of the complainers to “walk straight into a running 747 engine”. I’m not sure that goes down well in any situation.


So they got fired for breaching the company’s social media policy and not for hosting such a panel.


Strictly speaking… Yes. But you can’t avoid people colorizing the issue.

To me it’s just bad decisions all around from everybody, including Klein and Lehman.

At the end of the day the outrage and anger is what did them both in, though yes, taking it out on social media meant they basically stumbled on a tripwire.


This asshole is now officially collaborating with a known white nationalist.


A 70 year old man who can’t pronounce ‘anonymous’ shouldn’t be signing documents pertaining to the security of an entire country


I see a lot of friends on Facebook that share his posts and call him “Captain”. I really don’t understand. I’m from South Italy and he is the same person who used to insult south italian people. He said in a video still available on Youtube that people from Naples have bad smell, cholera and are dirty. How could I support this beast?


Not only that, but one of his “soldiers” tried to shoot a crowd of people who looked like migrants.

I am surprised the video is still up. Videos have been taken down for way less than this.

Edit: I also find it hard to take him seriously when he called the euro “a crime against humanity” (exact words). Whatever your thoughts on the euro, it is far from being a crime against humanity. He also says he supports family values, yet he also supports legalizing brothels. Isn’t that a little contradictory?


Have to agree with Elon here


The thing is, the modern-day Republic of Macedonia was part of the historical Macedonian region, and it did occupy the northern part (or rather most of it).

Well there is a “s” in anonymous, so shit Great Britain must be screwed