General News Thread 2.0


Yeah,he has this really really prominent use of hyperbole,which goes hand in hand with populism and rallying.


He uses also to say he is elected by the people. But it’s a great bulshit because in Italy we don’t vote for ministers. We vote for the Parliament that then choses the government. But people like to think that Salvini and the other government members are voted by them. People like to be deceived.

Unlikely in the last months there were some cases of violences against black people. It’s a consequence of the populism that wants to find in migrants the causes of all evil. There was also a case of murder. The first case was in the beginning of this year, when the government still didn’t exist. A psychopath shot some black people randomly to revenge death of young girl (that he didn’t know) brutally killed by a nigerian drug dealer. There are people who called “hero” that coward bastard.
Some people are getting mad.
On 21st september in Bari, when Salvini will come here, there will be a protest against him. I will partecipate maybe



I’m trying to keep a streak of good news up


Sorry to break that trend then. Nationalist progress in Swedish elections.


Ah Sweden now joins the ranks of the US UK, Italy, Australia and most of Europe in the Nations that are deadlocked because they want to bicker about immigrants club.



Harry from Dumb and Dumber.



Well 28% of the vote still went to moderates. But yes Populist parties are gaining and now the Sweden Democrats can now cause a deadlock in policy unless the winning parties make deals with them.


The truth is all the Oil Giants now have EV focused lines as well…

So I think the idea is they will continue to cater to both lines until one of them becomes unusable.

Same I think with carmakers like Ford and the other majors who are now about to launch true ground-up EV’s - cars designed around an electrical system - instead of conventional cars with electrical systems shoehorned into them.

So yeah Elon is right. But it’s not like he’s the only Electric Mobility ticket in town.


In all fairness Tesla wasn’t even the first major electric car maker. One of the big American companies had an electric car division I think it was Cadillac. They scrapped it believing there was no consumer base for electric vehicles. Of course some of this might not be wholly correct


And then there’s this aashole


Objectivelly, Sweden is one of the very few cases that I’d say needs to cut off immigration to a minimum. They’ve been amongst the most, if not the most open-borders country in Europe to take refugees and now about 20% of the country’s population is recent immigrants, several of whom have had tough cultural adaptation.



Timing is everything. Sometimes it’s just the wrong time to introduce something like an electric vehicle.


I wonder, if Serbia recognizes Kosovo, will everyone else follow suit?




The border swap could create an opportunity


Oh no, not several

Please tell me how you’re managing in Spain and if it’s a lot to take in, moving to another country.

Always weird to hear migrants shit on other migrants.


Come on Quinn, you don’t have to be rude to the guy for stating his opinion.