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You don’t generally start an opinion with “objectively”


OK, well, can you please not be rude in general? I don’t think Supernova’s post was atall inflammatory or hateful, as much as talking about immigration can be a sensitive topic.


Good news! Operations underway to clean up Great Pacific Garbage Patch!

The operation will also result in potential gradual recovery of around 80,000 tonnes of recyclable materials that can then be used to make other things!


Personalized Electric Flying Vehicle company, Vertical Aerospace, is going commercial.

The company cleared tests with its prototype vehicle in June 2018.


Looks like it is a V-Day for environmentalists and the Earth


Yeah. As it is other sources say Vertical Aerospace is in the process of adding its fleet to a ride-hailing service like Uber to achieve higher levels of usage penetration.

I wonder though what safety tests have been cleared by the vehicles.


Oh I see… Vertical Aerospace is angling towards being a technical partner of UberAIR.

The video of course is probably exagerrating…But Vertical Aerospace, which already have managed to make a prototype that meets the criteria for the Civil Aviation Authority in the UK, probably plan to build a second line of vehicles that are meant to approach the usability shown in UberAIR’s pre-viz video.


"Do not underestimate the destructive power of lies. When the war broke out in 1939, my family fled east and settled for a couple of years in Soviet-occupied Lwów (now Lviv in western Ukraine). The city was full of refugees, and rumours were swirling about mass deportations to gulags in Siberia and Kazakhstan. To calm the situation, a Soviet official gave a speech declaring that the rumours were false – nowadays they would be called “fake news” – and that anyone spreading them would be arrested. Two days later, the deportations to the gulags began, with thousands sent to their deaths.

Those people and millions of others, including my immediate family, were killed by lies. My country and much of the continent was destroyed by lies. And now lies threaten not only the memory of those times, but also the achievements that have been made since. Today’s generation doesn’t have the luxury of being able to argue that it was never warned or did not understand the consequences of where lies will take you.

Confronting lies sometimes means confronting difficult truths about one’s self and one’s own country. It is much easier to forgive yourself and condemn another, than the other way round; but this is something that everyone must do. I have made my peace with modern Germany, and hope that all Europeans can do the same.

Finally, do not ever imagine that your world cannot collapse, as ours did."


Another notable quote from the same source:


I don’t know about you guys, but this looks pretty blatantly racist to me


Speaking of Germany and the Far Right, this is just fucking depressing:


This only further proves that Americans only ever pick and choose when and where to apply their “precious” constitution and that they do not remotely understand it at all.


Let’s be honest here: I’m just going to guess that most of the general population of most countries in the world haven’t read their own constitution. Actually, I’d say the American constitution is the constitution I know the most about, because of how often it appears in the news


You are right, I wouldn’t know my constitution, but for Americans it is so intertwined with their national identity it is a shame they can’t fully understand their rights. The only country I know that would know their “constitution” (I am using this term loosely) front and back would be China.


I only know two articles of the Chinese constitution, the 2004 and 2018 amendments, mainly because of how ridiculous they are


It is part of our educational system to learn the German constitution. I also would have to look up where most of the stuff is found but I have a general idea. Would be sad if I was unique in that regard.


That’s why I said most countries.


You’re not. But we don’t actually have to learn everything, just what the teachers and the system deem to be “the most important bits” of it, that of which is also of historical or current relevance and just an overall briefing on the chapters it possesses.

Many people just get tired of it, even when they want to learn it, for two reasons: 1- the government does not ever respect it. 2- I think since the 4th republic we have had like 22 different constitutions or at the very least 22 major constitutional amendments; many contradictory of one another, and once this regime falls I guarantee a new one will have to be made. Hell, the current regime made the fake congress that took over the actual congress by stating that they were just going to parlay about a new constitution.


LOL! So now, socialism caused WWII and 60 million deaths, according to Stefan Molyneux. Starts at 12:11. For context, he’s arguing the fact that Colin Kaepernick wore a shirt with Fidel Castro on it or something to that effect, and the hypocrisy that “nazism” is frowned upon while communism is embraced. Notice how he uses the terms socialism and nazism interchangeably, particularly when it’s most convenient. He can’t manage to say that communism is worse than socialism so he substitutes with nazism instead. Then he goes onto say that national socialism caused WWII, LOL!