General News Thread 2.0



There’s a wave of insurgent leftist candidates unseating veteran Democrats. I like this trend, I hope it continues.


Not really news, but a science article.

The short of it is… Scientists are about to finalize a way to actually allow for the recycling of previously un-recyclable synthetic plastics and leathers.

So one day we will probably not have to sort garbage. Almost everything will be recyclable.



Well, I am disgusted.


At this point, basically nothing he does surprises me anymore. He could reinstate slavery and call the Southern Hemisphere ‘completely worthless’ and I’d think “that’s all?”



Well I’m sure the President won’t have anything to say about this.


opens Twitter


He’ll just deny it like he denied the 3000 deaths in Puerto Rico




New Mexico Observatory near Roswell embroiled in real-life MEN IN BLACK controversy.

The observatory hosts one of the most powerful ground based telescopes in the world. Supposedly on September 6th, some “Men-in-Black”, who identified themselves as being from the FBI, shutdown the observatory for “security reasons”.

The US government has not commented on the incident and first news of the event was released only 10 days later.



I read about it in the norwegian news, I wonder why it was shut down for security reasons, maybe someone spotted a :alien: or a :space_invader::?


Well I guess it’s safe to say that if it did involve a superior space-faring species from another world, that whatever our real life US Government did ended better than the initiative this fictional US Government tried.


Donald Trump could resist trying to nuke Kim Jong-Il, how would he fare better with actual aliens.


The best thing would be if the aliens would abduct Trump, but I suspect they would be tired from him pretty fast and unfortunately send him back to the earth :joy:.


This is in the province next to mine



Meanwhile at another mall…

Inside Job! :stuck_out_tongue:

The prizes were stolen from a “BarBerCut Lite” prize-catching arcade machine released by Bandai Namco.
In the original brochure, Bandai Namco writes:

So you can follow these instructions…OR… Just slip in a toddler and simply ask for what you want! :laughing: :santa: