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Good point, it is a shame Optimus Primes’ death never stuck permanently but I do give the creators props for making it last a few seasons. It was better than OP’s death in the film series.


in true Hollywood fashion, the fallout from Prime (and Starscream) dying in 1986, meant that Hasbro changed its mind about a similar massacre that was intended for the animated film of GI JOE… a mistake Paramount then made itself later with GI JOE: RETALIATION when it killed off much of the original Joes and Duke (Channing Tatum) only to realize after test viewings that people liked the chemistry of Tatum and Johnson.

Just a little tidbit there. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah didn’t matter how good the chemistry was GI Joe: Retaliation was still bland and near terrible as a movie. :grinning:


I will admit that I liked parts of GI JOE: RETALIATION. But yeah, it wasn’t exactly a film with a lot going for it. :stuck_out_tongue:


To be fair there wasn’t a lot going on in the original cartoon but at least it kept it short and somewhat creative (a word I use loosely)


GI JOE, the animated show was actually very top-notch writing when you consider that Flint Dille’s formula is that he wanted to write it as a “Geopolitics Lite for Teenagers”

GI JOE was America, and Cobra was any mish-mash of evil warlords, dictatorships, cults that they could mash together.

Some of the gags, such as one where Cobra complained on a news show called “Twenty Questions” (a parody of CBS News’ 60 Minutes program ) about GI JOE aircraft violating the airspace of Cobra Island, was clearly written to go above the heads of 10 year olds, but would provide entertaining fodder for teenagers and older audiences who understood it was making fun of similar real world events.

There were also gags like these which were definitely outside Hanna Barbera’s league:

Also note the high-end english… “I need suitable raiment…” lol


Eh, I prefer Batman: The Animated Series, I guess it might not be SMC or even from the 80’s.


Batman was great as an animated series. And that’s coming from someone who was a skeptic at first. :slight_smile:


Then I also recommend the Superman series and Justice League Unlimited


All of which I already watch. :slight_smile:


Oh well then all I can do now is recommend some comic book runs if you are interested. Hopefully you won’t have read them. :laughing:


My most memorable comic book reading was at around 7 or 8 years old. I was looking through my dad’s old stuff… And he had this issue of RED SONJA.

I became a man after reading that. lol :stuck_out_tongue:


This is officially the most positive run this thread has ever had! :smiley:


I think Red Sonja is still being published, but by Dark Horse. I can’t tell you anything about the run as I am not the barbarian sort of guy.

You are quite right. Remarkably civil.


Women are coming forward in droves to speak about the kinds of sexual harassment and abuse they face on a daily basis. They’re finally having their voices listened to, our culture is changing to take sexual violence more seriously - And of course this Chucklefuck President can only say “…but what about the men!!!”

“now you’re guilty until proven innocent”.

This irks me for many reasons, namely because Kavanaugh is not facing any sort of criminal trial - so he can’t be “guilty until proven innocent” of anything. This is a background check for a job interview, one which has to play out in public because of the sheer importance of this appointment on American law and values. This guy will be one of the most powerful people in the country if he is confirmed. He’ll be on the American Supreme Court for the rest of his life. You can’t pussyfoot around something like this.


The US Republican only care about stacking the deck in their favour they care fuck all about justice and the rule of law. This is just another thing they politicised and made a complete shit show out of.


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And in sports… It’s finally happening.

Bizarre staredown though…

Khabib Nurmagomedov (26-0-0) faces former lightweight champion Conor McGregor (21-3-0). McGregor was stripped of the title, and even landed in jail following a series of misadventures.

This fight will crown the UFC’s undisputed lightweight champion.

PERSONAL NOTE: There was a time the UFC mattered more to me. Now it does a lot less. Just not that interesting of late. Some events at ONE and BELLATOR actually seemed more entertaining. Most people will just tune in to see if loudmouth McGregor will lose badly this time.


Oh God not again…


Someone call the home. May has wandered out again and is making official policies.