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Reminds me of the time Hillary dabbed on the Ellen Show.
I never wanted to be reminded of that, yet here we are.


The Deputy Leader of the Labour Party did that here too, during PMQs of all places - but it was only caught by a camera from the back of the room.


Oh no all of British Parliament has escaped from the home, someone call the butterfly nets quickly. They’re dabbing and “dancing”


There’s also the time where Australian Leader of the Opposition, Bill Shorten, dabbed while on a radio station.
Here at 0:51.


They say I am a nutter when I vote Greens, but here is proof that I am right when I do vote. Still Shorten is better than ScoMo


I voted Green in 2015 but have voted Labour since Jeremy Corbyn took over - He’s a lifelong activist and a true leftist. Labour feels like a viable alternative again instead of Tory Lite.

Principles ahead of parties.


Most of the time for me, I only vote Labour if an election is really close. (You know lesser of two evils)


That reminded me of this comic from a while ago.


It is not a matter of wasting my vote Iknow how preferential voting works. It is the simple matter that people are morons who would vote for the “Australia Australia Australia Australian Party” and those that would vote for the “totally evil party” because it suits their own interests. The nice party might be foreward thinking but people only care about the NOW.

I cant seem to recall anytime the Australian Greens held a position of real power. Even if they join a coalition with Labour they are no worse than the Libs who back their own less evil interests, the cartoon assumes that Labour would not just use a coalition to maintain power like the Liberal-National coalition. Also the Greens still get dick for their campaign ads, especially when compared to the two major parties.

At the end of the day at least preferential voting and mandatory voting is better than America. Where it is pick one party and suffer in silence.


They’ve held the balance of power in the Senate before.


I’m not challenging anything you just said but can you compromise at least on how odd the timing of this accusation is. 35 years go by and the days leading up to Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation this surfaces. Men get fucked over by the justice system all the time, some have even been falsely imprisoned for rape. Women are rarely if ever held accountable in these circumstances.


Wow, 35 years. And some sexual assaults are never reported and are taken by the parties involved to the grave. I wonder…perhaps if there’s some sort of social stigma that causes this? That’s just a theory though.


It’s not odd at all. Given the disgusting backlash against Dr Ford from members of the public, politicians and even the President who today mocked her in front of thousands of his supporters at a rally, it’s no wonder survivors of sexual assault and rape don’t speak out very much - Especially when your attacker is someone who is very powerful and about to get even more powerful.

And most men who rape get away with it.


The political implications of the Ford-Kavanaugh case though reminds me of the 2006 - 2009 Subic Bay Rape case involving supposed party girls and US servicemen and the weight it had on the US Visiting Forces agreement with the Philippines.

As with many big plans in the Philippines, very few people could keep their mouths shut. Over the three years in which this drama played out the supposed rape victim party girl changed her claims from gang rape, to rape by only one person, and when various testimonies of even other girls with her shifted to “well, she kinda liked the American soldier she’s suing now…”, in 2009 she then said she wasn’t sure anymore she was raped at all.

Honestly, we were all waiting for the surprise episode where they give out invites to their wedding. That’s the kind of circus it was.

And through it all claims that the Communists and Anti-US forces were the ones trying to get her to sue the Americans, or that the Americans had bought her redaction.

The Ford-Kavanaugh thing, though, granted, still has the vestige of an actual process or proceeding, so not really the same thing. That Subic Bay thing though was a mess… The takeaway was it did reveal the possibility that sometimes “Cry Rape” is a tool.



You say the Kavanaugh case “reminds you of this” - So by implication, you think Dr Ford is lying?

Did you even watch her testimony? It was very powerful, and I found her to be a very compelling witness.


No I only meant to point out that sometimes any accusation/court case (true or false) on a matter with political weight (in this case a candidate for a government post) is usable by any faction.

Note that I emphasize that in our case, it did not take long for Communist Groups, etc… to end up being involved in supposedly using the victim. And it played out in her ever-changing story, and the really colorful statements of other witnesses.

If anything I also meant to point out that if such is the case in Ford-Kavanaugh… the parties at least have been able to keep it discreet. This is kind of linked to the reaction that “someone dug this up after 35 years”. It does not mean Ford is lying.

But what I’m saying is we have to bear in mind, someone may have a use for what’s happening, just as it did in our case.


So Kavanaugh should be presumed guilty and get punished because most men who rape get away with it?

I gotta admit, I didn’t watch her testimony because I’m not that invested in this story, but Ford’s accusation is already falling apart. New evidence is emerging that she has experience with the polygraph and she even trained people to beat it. I knew this woman was fishy as soon as it was revealed she was a psychology professor. Now an ex boyfriend of hers is contradicting everything in her testimony. This whole thing reeks of BS, probably just smoke and mirrors, but, what do I know.


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I literally already answered this. This isn’t a criminal trial. He’s not being presumed innocent or guilty of anything. The only thing at stake here is whether or not he gets a role as a Supreme Court Judge FOR LIFE. Yes, that requires intense scrutiny.

There we go then, you’re admitting that you didn’t watch it because you don’t really care that much, yet you feel compelled to have a strong opinion on it anyway.

I don’t think you understand - Nobody is going to prison over this. The only thing at stake is whether Kavanaugh becomes a Supreme Court Judge or not.


As far as Political Machinery scripts go though… Kavanaugh isn’t following the script. He’s supposed to step aside instead of allowing this to play out. He’s supposed to deal with this away from the party or the leader who can be compromised whether or not this is true.

He’s supposed to say “These issues are a distraction to my duties and the work of my colleagues so I must step down.” And then the “real elements” can just sort it out away from the TV cameras.