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This is true. But this is also why, for those in power, the route is supposed to be to try and de-officiate the proceeding and just “deal with the truth in private” and not to compromise other systems and institutions.

Ironically it would be better for all involved if Kavanaugh just backed away from the appointment and then Ford-Kavanaugh plays out as an actual court case.

That way, the system/institution of Justice of the Supreme Court Nomination can proceed normally.


I think the moral of the story is that the victim of sexual abuse bears some responsibility in the timing of when she comes forward with the news. A week before Trump’s SC nominee is to be confirmed. This looks like a political hit job, admit it, Quinn. Thing is I dislike Trump, but part of the reason he’s gained so much traction is because people are fed up with dirty politics and this constant “plausible deniability” nonsense where logic and reason go flying out the window.

I knew her testimony would probably be a waste of time, no matter how convincing or compelling it was, because of her psychology background. These people work so deep inside the subconscious of the human mind you can forget about a genuine testimony, as mentioned before, they train people to dupe the polygraph.


While this may or may not be true, almost every outcome points to “Kavanaugh should have Stepped Down”.

If Ford is saying the truth, Kavanaugh should step down and deal with the damage to his reputation himself.
If Ford is putting on a show, Kavanaugh should deny her the audience and deal with the threat in another venue.

Plus, stepping down gives up satisfaction for folks like @Quinn who can be satisfied that his Supreme Court Confirmation was aborted. It protects institutions. Makes it look like the system works.

But perhaps Trump’s enemies have already predicted his gang don’t back down from anything and that this is playing to their advantage… regardless of how they feel about Ford’s real position.


For a person supposedly “not invested in this story”, you sure seem to know a lot about it


Why should he have to step down from a dream job if he didn’t do anything?


If he “didn’t do anything” then why is he trying to prevent his records from being released?


If he steps down the “sanctity” of the Supreme Court Nomination reverts to normal. His President can get on with his life instead of further digging a hole with his opinions about rape accusations.

The public that already believe him guilty can be satisfied he did not win the plum job.

He can then fight the charges in court, limiting any damage to himself. If he loses then he loses. If he wins, he comes back stronger - so he has the rep to win possibly a better job.


If the records link him to this deed, then his reputation is destroyed.
But there’s always the chance he “did not do this”, but his records will reveal something else he did do… :stuck_out_tongue: Which results in his reputation being destroyed.


Exactly. Trying to prevent the release of your records makes you look really guilty.


Yes and no. In the course of life, we’ve all done something wrong on record. The problem with this at high-level politics is that anyone’s record can reveal something anyone can inflate or use to ruin anyone’s reputation.

So keeping records sealed is a bit like why there are now laws to protect individual privacy (precisely to prevent others from using information about you). Kav just doesn’t want anyone to have more ammunition (no matter how big or small).

My observation though is that the more Trump-Kav act this out “on a big stage” the more it plays into the hands of their enemies. If they allow reveal of records they lose… if they resist revealing of records they lose. So the venue of the debate is already working against them.


Let’s create a checklist:

Has Donald Trump:

Mocked a disabled reporter? (Yes)

Mocked someone accusing a nominee to the highest position of justice in the US of sexual assault? (Yes)

Refused to denounce white nationalists? (Yes)

Lied? (Fucking yes)

Made statements that have embarrassed the government of the US on a global scale and shown he has no understanding of politics? (Yes)


This is exactly what I am critiquing with regards to Kavanaugh’s chosen position. He should not allow his problems to use up more national resources or increase risk to “His President” and “His Party”.

Precisely because the issues are raised at the “wrong forum” it is likely to go on even if he wins Supreme Court Confirmation. So even if he wins many will view the Supreme Court seat as tainted. Even if he wins he will lose!

All Americans should be appalled at how their institutions are being mishandled by everyone involved (including Democrats). It is wrong. It drags the American Ideal of Proper Governance through the mud of a personal scandal.


Surely the best time to come forward with an accusation like this is when the person you’re accusing is about to become one of the most powerful people in the country? What’s so outrageous about that?




The sad thing about sex crimes is that at one hand it is very traumatizing for the victims and the other hand most cases have usually very few evidences to sentence the offender.

I recently learned that in US the level of evidence for sex crimes at universities was lowered under Obama from “clear and convincing evidence” to “preponderance of evidence”. Now under Trump it was reversed. Still the evidence level is not on par with the court, where " Beyond reasonable doubt" is the required level of evidence to sentence someone.

The experience of being a vicitim is bad. And while being falsely accused of being the offender in most cases might be not equally bad, it still is something that can alter your life to the worse drastically. In my opinion we should not give up constitutionality to have more sentences.


Can’t decide if these GRU guys are “Super Spies” for the sheer number of operations they supposedly performed around the world nearly simultaneously using computer networks or “Stupid Spies” for all the material they supposedly left behind for authorities to find…


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13 hours ago, Facebook disclosed that they just went through an attack that lasted at least 11 days and compromised the accounts of 50,000,000 Facebook users.

Be extra watchful…

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