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The school is in session with Professor Dreb. Gotta explain how circuits work in pararell.


It’s like everything he touches turns to shit. He’s a dirty dirty man and I’m glad I don’t have to live in the United States currently (or in the future actually, I’m happy where I am). He is not fit to be a politician, he is a fucking idiot.


Rendered text in bold for additional irony. :stuck_out_tongue:


Where is the irony in that sentiment? Are you saying he is a smart individual? If so, you are very funny. But I don’t understand.


Just in reference to the article you posted not directed at or about you, feel free to reply or ignore.

I must say, it seems my nation has come a long way. Time was an accusation from a white woman was enough to get you lynched and castrated, Now we want HD video of the assualt or that bitch is lying. Emmet Till would be proud.

Full disclosure I was against Trump when he first came down the elevator, he is totally illegitimate to me, and so are the judges he picks so by default I was against Kavanaugh.

With that said I believe Ford over Kavanaugh. To me there are only 3 ways this played out. Either the assualt didn’t happen and this is George Soros conspiracy, either it did happen and wasn’t Kavanaugh, or Kavanaugh did that shit.

The issue I run up against with my own anti Trump bias aside is that I think the Supreme Court should be seated with folks who are above common reproach. The fact that was even able to be an accusation is a problem. If this aint a Soro plot this is a character problem. I ain’t saying Kavanaugh should go to jail, but this accusation has raised more questions around his character that he can’t be comfortable placed on our highest court.

It just seems like finding excuses to ask, who drove her home, and how did she get there. We all remember our first fuck, yes? That wasn’t violent experience for me, I remember the event very clear, but I don’t know the movie we saw or how I got home, no drinking involved.

If this is anything short of a flat out false allegation then Kavanaugh is already too tainted for a seat, and as a matter of principle since he is still a federal judge this needs to be properly looked at.

It’s bad enough we got Clarence Thomas on the bench with that stigma, we don’t need more folks like that in positions of power for life.

There have to be conservative men out there who have lived a sexual assault free life. I won’t support them, but I think the nation is better served by people without that suspicion over them.


The go-to immigrant target of the right


The irony is that a lot of successful politicians in fact:

  1. Turn things into shit.
  2. Are dirty men.
  3. Are fucking idiots.

So you can actually make the twisted argument that DJT is “fit” to be a politician.



This made my day. :smile:


see and that’s how you know, nobody around him likes or respects him. All that secret service around him and no one saw anything?

they saw it, they just don’t care.


Translation - Finally, someone saying exactly what I want to hear!


Nobel! Nobel! Nobel!


This is the funniest shit. Guy goes from zero to spin-kicking so amazingly fast.


Kavanaugh survives first round of voting to confirm him.

This is really gross.


Good for them. I had hoped it would’ve been Alexis Tsipras and Zoran Zaev for the Macedonia name deal, but anyone who wins a peace prize is usually deserving


Well this is a bit of a weird issue.

Due to the voter turnout being only 39%, the “yes” vote won by a large margin (most people who would’ve voted no boycotted the vote)

However, it’s unknown whether the low turnout will allow the vote to stand


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Pretty damn grim. This is going to change America for the worse.



although we don’t know 100% who’s in the right/wrong here, it is super sad to see the behavior of the president. just very sad to see this is who represents the U.S.