General News Thread 2.0


Jordan Hunt: “I’m 16 and can’t have this baby… Do you think she should keep it?”
Me: “You just used the wrong pronoun for a human child.”



Everybody was stupid in that exchange, one of the pro life people equated a fetus to a three year old child lol. He had so much ammunition on his side when she said that, and instead of using it constructively he roundhouse kicked her lol.


Back at University we debated this all the time. Legal or not legal, you are killing “something of a human essence”. So you’ll take it how it is. And this is why it’s never straight forward.

If the argument, like Jordan Hunt’s, starts with calling the fertilized embryo “it”… he starts from a position where “It’s not human”. You then challenge him about when it can become human.

And it doesn’t make sense. How does one thing become another? And if “it” is not human… then what is “it”?
They can never win that exchange… So they just kick you. lol


There is also the “LIfe is Gained or Lost in the Womb” concept… so even if say a Jordan Hunt insists that what is inside is not a person, it is definitely alive or not.

If one thinks about it simply… there is little argument really about WHAT Abortion is.

The other circumstances (pregnancy as a result of rape, etc.) do come in later, but you can never change WHAT the Abortion is.



Do you believe a sperm is alredy a human being?


The sperm is made up of “human substance”

But if you are talking about when “life” is detectable, as proven by science, you need the egg and the sperm together… both of which are “human substances”.

A simple test is when you can say in everyday parlance that “a life is lost”.

When a man masturbates they certainly cannot say that of the sperm they expel.
When a woman menstruates and the egg is disposed they also certainly cannot say that.

Yet when a woman is with child and there is a mishap… then we can say “a life is lost”.


So after @Jarbinger and the moderators are done getting rid of an argument about women’s rights and political manipulation we are just launching into the abortion debate? Seriously!?


All I did was laugh at a guy roundhouse kicking someone with absolutely no provocation lol, I’m sorry about this.


On the contrary, it’s people like Salvini, Orbán and Duda who have “ruined Europe” (Europe is far from ruined and is doing fine compared to the majority of the rest of the world), with there increasingly doubtful views of the EU, despite the fact that for Hungary and Poland, not only did they willingly choose to join, but their economies would be nowhere near as good as they are now if not for the EU. So it’s a bit of hypocrisy.


Is this Kavanaugh topic still open for civil discussion? If yes:

It seems like the approach on conservatives only made them more popular. Reminds me a bit of the presidential elections.


If so, it’s because they’re horrible disgusting misogynists - Proving even further why the Me Too movement was as important as it was.


Important, maybe. But apparently not helping in the short run. Atleast not in this case.


Because powerful people will always backlash against popular, grassroots movements that make them look bad or expose their wrongdoings. It’s part of rocking the boat.

Besides, I’m not convinced that Kavanagh was approved because of a me too backlash specifically.


He wasn’t the real agenda is the Republicans wanting to rig their Supreme Court in their favour


Me neither, but as it was close enough until now, a few who felt offended by the MeToo statements could tip it over in favor of Kavanaugh.


It appears Republicans/conservatives all got behind Kavanaugh for being wrongfully accused. After all, who likes being accused of something they didn’t do? This apparent “injustice” motivated more Republicans into supporting Kavanaugh.

Looking at it from an entirely legal standpoint, as long as he didn’t do it I see no reason for him not to be nominated. I personally think that as long as there’s no hard evidence that he did commit sexual assault, people should not assume that he did so.

I haven’t followed the story enough to know whether or not he did, but I assume if there was hard evidence then that would have more of a focus in the story.


The real problem there is this segment from that FiveThirtyEight article:

“Only” 42% is nearly half of Democrats. 64% is more than half of Republicans. That’s basically like saying both spectrums found themselves falling out of MeToo thinking.

This was always the danger that MeToo possessed. Because they were too aggressive, seemed to rely heavily on snowballing trial-by-public…There seemed to be no limits. They got mad when women were photographed in scandalous clothing, yet they got mad if people criticized women who chose to wear similar clothing.

Then they’d get mad again if men admired them physically.

It started to creep into situations where self-proclaimed members of the movement took steps against modeling jobs or swimsuit competitions - regardless of what the participating women felt about them. It just seemed like the movement had no standards and looked too chaotic.

Anyways, if this is where MeToo goes downhill it is a shame. Women do need to be heard, but it’s hard to hear in a field of radio noise.

Some will argue that they did that because current systems failed to protect women and therefore they are just lashing out at everything they feel is unfair. But in doing so they make any and all established control structures an enemy because, as it is pointed out above, it is now uncertain how women should be treated at all.

And that makes it more likely for support to wane.


Exactly. Jobs such as gridgirls or the girls that have to hand flowers over to winners of competitions started to be viewed as sexist by (what I think) a vocal minority. That’s where it gets dangerous and such movements lose support. The girls who were in those type of jobs actually didn’t want their job to disappear. This vocal minority thinks it is sexist for women to just be pretty, but… what if the women in these jobs want to be just that?


And now it looks like DJT and the GOP can use this same sentiment as their rallying cry for the MidTerm Elections… some kind of “Push Back the Tide” movement.

Not good… but what can you do? These social movements are too scattered. Too disorganized. Too chaos-ridden to get behind.


Something tells me that the US general population is not THAT stupid. Remember Trump LOST the popular vote (we I think that was the case). But then again America has really been surprising me in the idiocy department as of late.