General News Thread 2.0


Christ this has turned into a mansplainers paradise today


Kavanaugh should not be confirmed, regardless of whether he did it or not, until these two things happen:

  1. He releases the missing judicial records

  2. The investigation is complete

Instead, now the US, who are supposed to be a democratic country, are going the same route as Poland, the ruling party trying to gain control of the courts.


Isn’t this how it goes in the US since a long time? Like the President suggesting who to put into the Supreme court?


Republicans blocked Obama from picking a supreme Court justice because it was his “last year in office”. I don’t know why folks are so quick to forget that - And now Republicans are using their majority to sneak a rapist in less than a month before the midterms when the balance of power will likely tip away from them.


I did not even know that was what happened the last time. Still I don’t see why the president can pick someone into the court.


Kavanaugh confirmed

Maybe this dog fucker will make some people happy when he messes with the right to make your own choices concerning your body (if you’re a woman of course), but not me.


Dark times ahead for the United States.


They’ve been heading for dark times since November 9th 2016


For how long does he have that job?


It’s a lifetime appointment…he’s 53


Me watching the Senate vote:


Oh? This nothing. Try Capitol Hill. :stuck_out_tongue:


Theyve been on a horrible trajectory for a while, but this has screwed them for a generation. Corrupt, amoral, arrogant.


A lot hinges on Mid-Term Elections. Assuming all sides go out in force to vote.


A lot does, but even more would have if the Kavanaugh appointment would have been held off until after the elections.


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This is basically a step towards authoritarianism.


I don’t get it. Why was toilet paper stuck to trump’s shoe was such a big news. I get it that he is a dickhead hated by large population, but making such big fuss about these little things is petty.


Ireland, the King is Slain.


Because it’s another example of him clearly not being fit for the job.