General News Thread 2.0


Don’t use your real IP online
Don’t use your real name online

Because of stuff like that.


I never use my real name online, unless I trust who I’m using it with.


Or only use it when you are OK with it being known. Privacy is a right but its also a choice


Privacy is no right anymore. Sure there are laws but noone takes them serious anymore. Also, like always: The more people are affected by breaking their rights, the less it bothers politicians.

looking at literally any western government since Snowden

The irony is, so many european govs ignored the NSA scandal so Obama stays their bro, and now they have Trump. It is like the justice we don’t want but we deserve.




Thanks for spoiling it for me. You guys really need a sports news section.




Can’t even tell what that is. Could be a shadow for all I know.

Also lol @ not being able to take criticism of Trump and having to invoke Clinton for the squillionth time


Lol, this shows how fucking childish you are. You always have to say something in response.

And if that’s suppposed to show someone not being a good president, apparently you don’t even remember who was president in that photo. Good fucking job.


You have got to be a troll. You can’t be serious.


Lol. I know that he is not fit for his job ( not fit for anything if u ask me), but saying the clumsy toilet paper incident demonstrates he is not fit for job is ridiculous.

If you have said that you can’t even tell WHO that is (from behind), i would have taken your view seriously. But the fact that you are questioning the wet shart (maybe some different bodily fluid if you get what I mean), and saying it is shadow is laughable. Shadows don’t work like that.


So you’ve done fecal analysis on this image to prove conclusively what it is?

I really don’t care one way or the other. Maybe she did shit herself, but it doesn’t matter because she’s not the President and Trump is. That’s why I find it so ridiculous when people constantly deflect any and all criticism of Trump with “but Clinton…”


When allegations are ridiculous, you get ridiculous counter allegations. No need to whine.


Trump getting toilet tissue stuck to his foot is an “allegation”?



Allegation maybe not the suitable word in this scenario. But that’s not the point.
Saying trump is not fit for presidency because of toilet paper stuck to his shoe is ridiculous. And when you get ridiculous reply in the form of, look Hillary shit herself, you should not whine.


Seems like, as proven above, the image was digitally altered to make it look that way.

Joke is on you.


LOL. I don’t care if it’s real or fake. Pro trump are using manipulated image. So what?
The real issue is not about hillary image. It’s about people calling trump not suitable for job because of toilet parer stuck to his shoe.


All of the superficial nonsense surrounding Trump is little more than diversion in my eyes, the only thing that matters is that his campaign was illegitimate and he was put in place as a Russian plant to destabilize the U.S. internationally. None of this other stuff matters.