General News Thread 2.0


Dude, that was a pretty lousy source and the website couldn’t even provide the original photo. Sheeesh.


Proven what? A random article on some rag-tag website which couldn’t even provide the “original” photo?


Dude, assuming that Hillary Clinton was the president now and that photo was real do you think it would be appropriate to mock her for it? Because that’s exactly the argument you’re making for mocking Trump. Look, the guy is an asshole, If I saw him drowning I’d toss him a cinder block, but making statements like he’s not fit to be president because he has TP stuck to his shoe is as petty as it gets. Truth is, my reason for posting that photo was half counter-point, half joke. Take a chill pill, my dude.


Snopes isn’t some rag-tag website, it’s been a trusted fact-checking website for like a decade now. I don’t know why the original image isn’t there anymore, the url is probably dead.


I suppose the link is dead.

Considering all you needed as evidence is a picture I suppose I’ll just nullify it with another picture and call it a day, since I really don’t care enough to look up the original Luke Frazza photo.


The url is dead, and the Luke Frazza picture is no longer on there.
You can tell the source is originally a Luke Frazza picture from Getty Images though, because most of the versions of this picture still have the water mark.


Hillary Clinton was seen on video collapsing, losing her bowls wouldn’t be far removed from that. Anyway, the original point was about how petty people were being over toilet paper. For all I know, the image you just posted was photoshopped.


Yeah, and Donald Trump is on video doing a variety of these things:

  1. Making fun of someone accusing an ally of his of rape

  2. Making fun of a disabled reporter.

  3. Telling a female reporter “I know you don’t think. You never do.”

  4. Not being able to properly pronounce ‘chaos’ or ‘anonymous’.

  5. Lying.

  6. Lying again.


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He is not “winning”. The US is less respected globally than it has been in a long time. You guys elected a racist cunt and now your country is poorer.


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I think he’s referring to Americans and America in general.


I am no Jesus Christ, that is correct. For me to suggest I am the second coming of Christ and am some Jesus-like figure would be unfashionably stupid, not least because I’m not even Christian.


Oops. I assumed everybody had seen it. Sorry! :expressionless:


Just one more thing I want to mention about the Snowden interview he mentions that one of thw qualities of our freedom is that we are allowed to make certain level of mistakes without fear of repercussions, but that if those scouring information start to do so without tolerance that it puts a lot of people in danger and threatens our freedom.

This is exactly what is happening right now when we put people on trial for old half-arsed ill-thought-out posts from ages ago like what happened to James Gunn.

And it is also what happens when pictures and video are manipulated or used out of context.

Information becomes a way to suppress other people’s liberty by forcing them into a state of retreat.



Jamal Khashoggi, a journalist and critic of the Saudi Arabian government, disappeared mysteriously after entering the Saudi Arabian embassy in Turkey.

Sources say this is a possible assassination but no body has been recovered. The man simply appears to have vanished.


Corrupt Philippine Cop suspected of running kidnapping and murder operation is arrested, and then jukes the arrest by fooling his captors into taking him back home so he could ‘change his clothes’.

The suspect then went into his house and did a vanishing act.

Maybe he told them not to look as he undressed… :stuck_out_tongue:




This is honestly baffling how this happened