General News Thread 2.0


The fact that there are people in the world who still doubt the existence of climate change is absolutely ridiculous. The evidence is right there, yet they continue to deny, like the idiots they are.

And Saudi Arabia murdering innocents again, what else is new?


That headline is off I think, almost every other article had it pegged at 2050, unless I am misreading. I mean either way the IPCC is right about co-operation on an international level. Even more right about deniers being morons, I would have them locked up if I could. Things that stupid need to be taken out of circulation.


Climate Change denial is extremely harmful - And also one of the reasons I think bad faith arguments surrounding it sometimes just deserve to be straight up deplatformed to be honest.


You do realise the 13th Amendment allows prisoners to be used as slaves right?

And who started appearing more in prisons since that Amendment was put in place, hmmmmmmm?


No I didn’t know that.

Who started appearing more in prisons since the 13th amendment was ratified?


“Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

Hmm, slavery as a punishment for criminal actions in a country that is known for wrongly imprisoning minorities. I wonder if the USA has been having its cake and eating it too?


Wait…are you trying to tell me that the government got rid of chattel slavery just to replace with with slavery as punishment for a crime, are you trying to tell me that the government has criminalized certain behaviors and groups just for the express purpose of making them government slaves?


Bingo. And what is the government obsessed with waging war on?


At the moment the rights, due process, and freedom of speech of older white men.

AKA Brett Kavanaugh


Weak Leadership - Betrayal of one’s own principles for the sake of appeasing Trump.


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implying Trump has power over the shithole that doesn’t even care about the Leprechauns

This but ironically.


Are you suggesting that the United States government regulates,enforces, and legislates drug laws in a way that targets minorities for harsher penalties?

You are implying that the government not only supplies minorities with drugs, but guns as well? What, you gonna tell me that crates of guns just show up in cities like Chicago and someone tips off the gang members about it, kinda like the one mission in GTA san Andreas?

all so that the government can then turn around and arrest them for the guns and drugs?


Yes, I thought that was obvious. Just like 2Pac said in his song Changes: “First ship 'em dope and let 'em deal to brothers/Give 'em guns, step back, watch 'em kill each other”


I try not to take my critical analysis of the government from foul mouthed drug using violent thug criminals like Tupac.

Maybe the hip hop music is to blame and not the government. Maybe if people took more personal accountability this wouldn’t happen.

I’ll just rattle off the buzz words I’m too lazy to put them into sentences, but you get the idea.

unwed mothers
black on black crime
what about the fathers
Micheal Jordon’s
Affirmative action.


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This is the type of shit that makes my blood boil about this man and why I would never be able to support him, no matter how good our economy gets. This is what people should be ripping him apart for, not trivial toilet paper on the bottom of his shoes.


I think that clause applies to this?

Laborers also available in every skin color. :stuck_out_tongue:


What did you think to the fight man? was on at like 5am UK time, got up and watched it, I’m a McGregor fan for my sins, so was disappointed to see him get absolutely battered for 4 rounds, Khabib’s a pretty boring fighter though, on the ground for most of it, but credit to him he got the win. The aftermath was insane to say the least!


I share my opinion that is the same as GSP.

“McGregor has only one real way to win fights. He has to hurt his opponent with his left hand and he has to catch him coming into it.”

No doubt it is an exciting style. But against Khabib who is pretty good at strategy, good enough striking, great wrestling…Khabib had many ways to win the match. So statistically we all felt if Notorious didn’t KO The Eagle within 2 rounds it was over. Mac has never KO-ed anyone past R2.

But we never discounted that opening left hand. The first 180 seconds of a fight against Notorious can be very dangerous for his opponent.

The view changed once R1 ended and we saw McGregor breathing heavily. As Luke Thomas pointed out: McGregor has no second wind unlike say Frankie Edgar.

This was all part of Khabib’s strategy - he even announced it on TV the week of the fight.

Conor went on to connect that left hand later but without his cardio the left hand had no power. And if he can’t hurt Khabib he can’t fight Khabib.

Confusion about whether Khabib would strike or wrestle also resulted in Conor uncharacteristically doing finger reaching with both hands down and eating that powerful right in R2.

As for Khabib. All these Sambo Boxer hybrids are the same. And they all tend to be hard to beat. His ground game is nearly identical to Fedor Emelianenko and that guy went 30 - 0.

After seeing the trash talk and feud go haywire I am hoping the UFC book McGregor against the nearly identical trashtalking master Tony Ferguson that is… if Conor doesn’t disappear or just quit.

He’s never lost this bad. And maybe he doesn’t want to get brain damage when his kid is growing up.

This is also very different to when he blew all his energy against Nate Diaz because he misread Nate’s bleeding face as a chance to finish. This time his opponent declared on TV that he would drain all his stamina and proceeded to do it at will.

Everybody now knows how to beat him. Tony Ferguson even taunted on TV that he can mimic the feat

We shall see.

P.S.: I will say this about Irish fight fans. With some exceptions, a lot of them took the loss in stride. I salute you guys. Don’t like Notorious too much but love his fans.