General News Thread 2.0


Sounds like you know your stuff that’s for sure!! McGregor will be back! surely not against Ferguson though? Won’t he go against Khabib now? that’s if he’s allowed for fight again, im sure he will be able too but he’ll undoubtedly serve a lengthy ban!


Conor is medically suspended until Nov 6. He also has to answer to NSAC since video shows he threw the first punch in the post-fight brawl in the cage.

Khabib has to answer for climbing over the cage. Apparently he didn’t hit Dillon Danis at all. Expectation is a 4 to 6 month suspension and a fine of maybe 200,000 USD. Dana White has said that if it’s a 6 month suspension at most? Khabib keeps his belt.

I think you can only lose a VISA for criminal infractions. Las Vegas PD said they consider their work in the post-fight as escort duty. “No arrests are booked by the Police”.

Conor needs to ditch his crew. They are not useful to him. Dillon Danis claimed he brought Khabib levels of grappling to the camp. This is obviously not the case.

Conor needs to go train at high altitude or something and stop listening to these yesmen who just inflate his overconfidence.


I’m what can be generously called a “casual observer” of MMA at best, and I dunno how even I can be less surprised at the mass carnage that happened after the fight than Dana White was. Any sensible promoter would have called off the fight when McGregor literally smashed up Nurmagomedov’s bus with a box cart while he and others were on it. People got hurt, cops were called McGregor was arrested and pled no contest - But no, this was just another opportunity to promote the fight even further, making a spectacle out of unsanctioned violence and making even more money off of the back of it.

Trash Talking may be a part of fight culture, but it got far too personal. There’s blame everywhere but the buck has to stop with Dana White. Not surprising that a guy who counts Donald Trump as a personal friend also engages in shady business practices.


Unfortunately McGregor is Dana’s golden boy, and we all know why $$$$ everyone wants to see McGregor fight, he’s entertaining or was at least and the trash talk just add’s to the entertainment for most.

@Soupienza they definitely wont strip him of the title, although there has been a mention of it, I agree with you though Conor look exhausted half way through the first round, I he didn’t look good physically as he normally does! (yes I realise he fought at 155!) This fight came too soon for him.


This is why we need to act on our principles rather than play political football. Neutrality and Centrism will have ghastly repercussions and history will repeat itself.


I just wanted to throw my two uninformed cents in the ring.

No fan of either fighter and not a fan of the sport. Haven’t watched a single full fight.

I think the russian needs to have the title stripped and needs to be banned from the sport for life. Jumping out of the field of play like that is as bad as fans who run into the field of play.

Saw the press conference that the Russian gave it was so pathetic, I am tired of grown men an “whataboutism” I’ll cut him a break since English is not his first language, maybe he didn’t know how to express himself and account for his actions further than “But what about…”

Was the Irish dude wrong for talking about Religion, his family, the country, whatever? Yes Hell yes. So beat his ass in the ring. And the kicker is the Russian won, there is nothing else to prove. Someone talking shit? Point to the Irishmen on the ground bleeding.

What a punk, if he can’t stand an Irishmen talking aggressive shit then, I dunno maybe he needs to find a new sport. Jumping out the ring and causing a mass brawl in which people are jumping into the field of play to assault athletes is unacceptable.

Strip the belt and kick him from the game.

I felt the same way about Ron Artest.


My heart fucking bleeds.


Incredible bit of news.


Slight correction… UFC 229 was created because of the bus attack.

This is why all the news outlets are saying the UFC should be made culpable. They kind of “fostered conditions that made this situation more likely”.

However, to charge the UFC with Incitement (“Creating Conditions with Intent for a Crime to Occur”) requires evidence that the UFC hoped for the brawl to happen. It is also kind of nixed because Vegas Police said Monday that there are no arrests and therefore no crime.

They are treating it as a sporting matter.

The somewhat official lists of Sporting Infractions are:

-Three counts of climbing over the cage
-Two counts of attempts to climb over cage
-Five counts of grazing blows exchanged by unscheduled fighters in the cage

Khabib apparently didn’t hit anyone when he got out. And yelling insults are not considered sporting infractions.

N.B.: Mac’s suspension is meaningless. He is already medically suspended by NSAC until Nov 6 and as a medical suspension to allow him to recover that will be honored in all states. The UFC suspension will just run alongside it.


One question I still have is if Macedonia becomes Northern Macedonia, will Macedonians now be called Northern Macedonians? Because that would be stupid.


They gave Khabib the title immediately after the police escorted him to locker rooms.

That’s Dana White’s car btw. And Khabib managed to crack a joke about how Dana was lucky to give him his belt or else he would have trashed his car… to which Dana replied: “Lol! I’m gonna tell your father!”

Supposedly this all happened after it was confirmed UFC 229 cleared 2,000,000 PPV buys.

Guess it was “gg” all around the UFC office…


Again… not to be misinterpreted. I think Trump always meant to bargain for a stronger position for Automotive and Energy businesses… which meant calling a “timeout” on emissions controls.

Just as with all other things, he pulled out of an international agreement with the goal that he can probably strike a deal, this time as the country with the biggest Carbon Potential. Yes, he’s taking the planet hostage in order to do this deal.

That said, he will read the report if only to gauge how much time he has left to do something… or how much time remains before the UN “does a Canada/Mexico” and comes back to him with a deal to save the Earth. Like maybe Trump will demand that the UN must foot some of the cost of Green Energy conversions, or that he wants a stronger incentive package for Carbon reductions.

It’s always about money with DJT.


I am confused as to how someone can be skeptical about something they haven’t even read yet. Why is he continuing to hire people who either don’t believe, or don’t care, about climate change? It’s just baffling.


The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 6, 2012

Snowing in Texas and Louisiana, record setting freezing temperatures throughout the country and beyond. Global warming is an expensive hoax!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 29, 2014

Give me clean, beautiful and healthy air - not the same old climate change (global warming) bullshit! I am tired of hearing this nonsense.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 29, 2014


Why is it when on of those Yanks want to cap a president or try to kill one, they go after the good ones (the exception being Regan) Teddy Roosevelt, Lincoln and Jack Kennedy.


Teddy Roosevelt was not assassinated.


You are right I thought my post had the word tried in there as well, I will edit the post then


He isn’t really skeptical… he is just jockeying for position to make another deal… this time for Clean Air. This is basically the Donald Trump version of Vilos Cohagen.


I disagree, he is stupid.


Look… I can understand your anger at this man. But just look at the pattern… with NAFTA… with North Korea…

This current “position” is just Trump feinting disapproval before having to close something. Or forcing the other party to close.

It’s the same play he’s doing with China. It’s a pattern.