General News Thread 2.0


Yeah, I’m sure you can understand my anger at this man; it’s not just me, it’s me and most of the people who don’t live in the United States who hate him. Sure he might be able to get better deals with anything, but he’s still an idiot; he caused the country he leads to lose money with his tariffs.


What do you think about the chances of a rematch? Conor did tweet about it, guess that doesn’t mean a lot.

I’ve recently had BT sport installed so I’ll definitely be watching UFC 231, Diaz and Poirier as well as Lewis and Cormier, looks a decent card tbh.

EDIT: Just read Poririer has sustained an injury and is out :disappointed:


I feel like 48 hours later, the situation has changed quite a bit. Nobody knows yet of course what the NSAC’s results are. But it looks to me like the repercussions are very minor (a lot of it has to do with the fact that the actual infractions are not as big as media made it sound like).

The feud as it is seems mostly over. Dana White not mad at anyone. Khabib is back home in Dagestan and smiling. Conor doing his usual “I’ll be back” talk.

The thing is. From a sporting side. There is no reason for a rematch. You do rematches if you feel fights were close or that a feud is ongoing.

But based on actions from both Khabib and Conor… the feud is gone. And as far as the fight itself it wasn’t really close.

I think people need more time before deciding that this is what they want.

I still say Ferguson (who is now No. 1 contender at 155) should get Khabib or Ferguson gets Conor.

From a sporting side, I’d rather see Douglas Lima and Rory Macdonald get a rematch. That one looked like one guy had it for sure… then the other guy won it instead. That one I don’t mind getting again.

But to be honest? I have it 90% Conor doesn’t fight another 2 years or goes to make an action movie and in 2 years he’s like The Rock and is no longer fighting at all but instead is a movie star.

After the high strung tension of UFC 229 I’m looking forward to some simpler stakes at Bellator MMA. Lol.


See your point man, rematch brings in the $$$ and at the end of the day that’s all Dana’s concerned about. I think if there was a rematch it would be no different from the first, Conor taking a beating.

I really hope he fights again soon though, I was hyped for his boxing match against Mayweather but that turned out to be a massive publicity stunt, should of seen it coming really !

Bellator the UK version right?


The problem is that the number of people who want to see Khabib-McGregor 2 are split down 50-50. That basically tells you that if they announced it today, the audience is down 50%. Lol

Bellator MMA is the promotion now run by Scott Coker who used to run Strikeforce.

It’s where old UFC guys go to recapture their glory, and some exciting unknowns try to make a name for themselves. Their business model is very different from UFC because they are actually a VIACOM company subsidiary. They are a TV show that happens to hold events live with tickets. So the TV aspect of what they do is higher.

Also corporate oversight and TV standards means this is the fight org for people tired of bus attacks and trash talk culture. Bellator is about sporting rivalries and quests for redemption.

Bellator is also the biggest promotion where a fighter is still allowed total sponsor freedom and endorsements. The UFC will force you to wear Reebok and you can’t cross promote with a personal sponsor on fight week or fight night.

They have a double card this weekend on Friday and Saturday with Semi Finals for their Heavyweight Grand Prix featuring as main events for both cards.

Friday has Matt Mitrione vs Ryan Bader as the main event while the Saturday card has Fedor Emelianenko vs Chael Sonnen. The Saturday card is more fun as it’s also got Benson Henderson on it as well as Alexander Schlemenko.


I see! Does Dillion Danis fight Bellator?

What channel is this on? Sounds good man !


Yes… and it is just like Bellator to make a joke about how we should “see Danis fight in a proper cage instead”.

Bellator is streamed on DAZN and is also available on Paramount Network.

Oh and not everyone who switches to Bellator from UFC is doing so because they are old and washed up. The economics of the Reebok deal and sponsor restrictions sometimes means a good fighter may end up shipping out to Bellator if they think they lose money under the Reebok system.

You got guys like Rory MacDonald and Ryan Bader who aren’t really old but are there now in Bellator, as well as Gegard Mousasi who is the current 185 champion at Bellator.

Bellator is going through an interesting time, especially since the Reebok thing happened in the UFC. The talent swapping has seen some guys rise and fade rapidly as Bellator transitions with the roster changes. For example, Liam McGeary used to be all that at 205, but in very short succession, Phil Davis jumped from UFC to Bellator as well as Ryan Bader, and then some new guys jumped in overseas and next thing you know McGeary loses the title to Phil Davis and just recently got kicked to oblivion by Russian newcomer Vadim Nemkov.

The swing of the pendulum there is a bit like the old 1990’s UFC. Where you can see someone win a bit then suddenly lose a lot.

Davis in turn loses the title to none other than Ryan Bader, and now Bader (at 205) is in the Heavyweight grand prix and if he wins this Friday, he faces either Fedor or Sonnen to become both the Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight champion.

Why is a tournament needed to crown a Heavyweight Champion? Because the real champ Vitaly Minakov somehow “did not come back to America”. Bellator stripped him of the title, but are supposedly still talking to him. Assuming he comes back? The big Russian is actually undefeated and if he returns that’s bound to be another big ticket.

So it’s a bit wild there but in a different way.

Oh and asides from Dillon Danis, McGregor stablemate Irishman James Gallagher also fights at Bellator.


Silent Assassins?

Turkish authorities have data and footage they believe proves that Saudi Arabia sent a team of elite assassins who killed Khashoggi without anyone noticing and who then hid or disposed of the body by cutting it up with a bonesaw.


No they forgot to delete evidence on site. A penalty has been incurred


There is no video of them doing the deed though. That said, the Saudi Arabian embassy is a 6 storey building so for a team of 15 it is a massive operation and they probably dispersed out of different exit routes after.


yeah but 15 people to kill 1 fat journalist dude is hardly a trained assassin hit. Sounds like he got jumped


Well if true, this is more a black ops thing, kind of like the Sword of Gideon/Wrath of God operation that Mossad pulled.


Oh Gawd Mossad. The second most disgusting terrorist organization next to the CIA.

Now this…this is a silent assassin kill.


In the Mossad configuration, which I suspect is the popular form of black ops assassin groups, they are normally configured as:

2 trained assassins (the actual killers)

2 “shadows” - tails for the assassins (Cleaners or secondary killers in case a follow-up is needed or the assassins waver)

2 cover agents who setup hotel rentals, car rentals, make phone calls, and establish other cover contact to facilitate the assassins (They use cover identities and pose as tourists. If authorities ID them it turns out these persons are nowhere near the venue of the assassination, yet by simply passing keycards or other items around [ie: “Absentminded Tourists who leave things”], the assassins can use facilities like hotels, or gain keys they can duplicate, ride in cars midway and be dropped off, all without being identified. 99% of their activity will resemble an actual trip/vacation which would normally bring them above suspicion.)

7 - 8 additional agents who do legwork and errands, gathering intel on Targets, and spying (anonymous persons of zero interest that do not show up in any investigation again because they will not be present for the actual murder.)

2 Communications and Technology experts (help sort any issues the others cannot solve such as foil surveillance via sabotage or doing some computer hacking. Even if caught it is possible they will not be linked to the assassination.)

So 15 to 16 persons.


A couple of serial killers was captured in Ecatepec. They killed around 20 women and sold some of the remains while the rest gave it to the dogs. I saw the interview to the sick fuck and says if he ever comes out of prison, he will keep killing women because of the hate he has to them for being sexually abused by one, his mother bullying him and one of his lovers breaking with him.
This has to be of the worst cases of serial killers in recent years and the worst part is that Ecatepec is not only one of the most corrupt places in the country but one of the highest with murders of women and general kidnapping, therefore why it earned the nickname “Ecaterror”.
Finally, only to rub more crap into the wound, they have 4 children. Can’t imagine what those little eyes saw in that hellhole.



OK, how many of you silly billies fell for this?


Some friends from college shared it on Facebook but I took it as typical staged clickbait. Seems I was right.


This is a new level of stupid.

This reminds me of Bushisms.


If it was, it didn’t last long: