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Shame I would have made Brett wet himself in front of the supreme court. Or give him violent explosive diarrhoea like Transmetropolitan



I hope every single one of them gets in


Most of them come from Honduras. They had a a pretty harsh fight in the border of Guatemala with the Federal Police wich resulted in various fatalities. Now it’s a matter that in they don’t only get caught by authorities but also don’t end close to a cartel wich will be pretty hard to do once they try to cross to the US. The famous “polleros” found a long time ago that they get more money from delivering the inmigrants directly to any cartel as workinghand than the money they get from crossing them over border.


Saudi Arabia blames radical elements among its kept agents for “acting against Khashoggi on their own and without the knowledge even of the Head of Saudi Intelligence”

They also claimed that, out of fear of scandal, official Saudi intelligence staff tried to cover up the incident.

So this is like the Saudi version of “The Syndicate” from MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - ROGUE NATION including the part in the film where MI6 tried to hide their existence from the world… :thinking:

This can’t be real… can it?
:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:


With that The Liberal-National coalition has now lost the majority they have in Parliment.


You can just imagine tomorrow the Saudis will claim the 15 man team was really just ONE assassin…a product of some kind of Special Project and that this person leaves no genetic or biometric traces of himself and can only be identified through a special mark…



A story in two parts


Does that orange fuckwit realise his only chance to maintain control of his senate is coming up in a fortnight, why is he trying to turn as many people away as possible. There is no broken 300 hundred year old system to skate by on right?

Ah well The Liberal Party just lost their majority control over here in Australia. So I am Happy


Pretty much the American Orbán.


These demagogues are popping up everywhere.


After the explosion, the men escaped into neighbouring Sweden by skiing 320km (200 miles) across Telemark - despite being chased by some 3,000 German soldiers.

With a wry smile, Ronneberg described it as “the best skiing weekend I ever had”.

Absolute hero


As someone who had relatives who fought in WWII, it is such a shame so many of these awesome stories are so neglected by our schools and by our creative media.


What a badass. Seriously


The latest on the ever spiraling Khashoggi Disappearance story is that authorities now claim that Khashoggi’s assassin actually escaped the venue… disguised as Khashoggi himself and even wearing his clothes!

And to think we never presumed it was possible for real life assassins to disguise themselves on site!

But I don’t know… this entire incident looks like it’s now the product of a concerted effort at theatrical deception by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and the USA.



This is a comedy of errors


Or a Series of Unfortunate Events…


Or a it is a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day/


In a land that is No Country for Old Men. :stuck_out_tongue:

I THINK I STARTED A NEW FORUM GAME! :stuck_out_tongue:


In No Country for Old Men things are always Blood Simple

Yep new forum game aright