General News Thread 2.0


No Country for Bald Men


Awwww… You’re supposed to carry on from Blood Simple but you ZAPPED! it… why you have to do that? :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess they used a Lethal Weapon on him!



So that is a good thing right? since I know Poland has had problem with populists in the past. Ha ha ha (Is that Hitler reference tasteful and classy)


Yes it’s a good thing. It seems PiS (ruling party) is losing some of its power. Poland now has its first openly gay politician as well.





What a fucking punk


Woah Richard Spencer is a wife-beater who would have fucking thought.:roll_eyes: What an asshole.


My favourite gif just got even more satisfying now that I know he abuses women.


Again with that dipshit? And I was thinking that watching his name in a furry related deal was already a lot.


Oh that is so satisfying


Are we again riding the accused=convicted train?


It’s Richard Spencer. He’s a Neo Nazi. It’s not like he’s a morally outstanding guy being unfairly accused. This is entirely in character for that slimeball.


I am aware of that. Dunno I might be unpopular with the idea of equality before the law.


“One of [Spencer’s] favorite statements to me is, ‘The only language women understand is violence,’” Spencer’s wife Nina Koupriianova alleged in divorce filings. She claimed he called her “genetically defective” and a “parasite”, and that he verbally abused her in front of their young daughter.

Sorry for not waiting for him to be convicted in a Court before deciding that he’s a fucking scumbag. This is well within his character.


Yes I know you do that. :smiley: