General News Thread 2.0


Today was a pretty American day.

The usual doom and gloom America is gonna end any minute now. The Caravan is an analogy for the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse


What an idiot


According the European Court of Human Rights Italy violated the rights of Bernardo Provenzano. For who doesn’t know him, he was a cruel mafia boss, one of the worst italian criminals of Sicilian Mafia. He killed a lot of people and ordered assassinations, massacres. He died two years ago at 83 years old. In the last years of life he was seriously sick. He wasn’t able to understand, to say a logic speech. I remember one of the last videos of him, while he was in prison. He didn’t remember how to use the phone to talk with his family, because he suffered for senile dementia. I felt compassion watching that videos: yes, in his life he was a monster, even able to order the killing of a child, but in those image he was a suffering old man near the death. He wasn’t dangerous anymore. He was condemned to stay for the rest of his life in prison, thanks to a special law ruled to fight mafia. But the Court says in those months he couldn’t stay in prison in those conditions.
Now, I know that many of you would say that monster deserved a worse punishment, for all the people he killed. I agree. But I even think that the objective of a State isn’t the revenge. So I think that maybe a permission to exit the prison in those last months of life could have been a right thing


So much for the nuclear family. But you don’t really know that for sure.


Depends in what context you’re using “Nuclear”.

Personally I think we should put Richard Spencer and every other White Nationalist Neo Nazi into a space probe and fire it into the sun - And we may as well fire all the world’s nukes at it on the way. Disarm the world and rid it of Fascists at the same time.


Aren’t you against death penalty?
Leftist didn’t hear about presumption of innocence which is a fundamental right.


We actually don’t do that to not cause a catastrophe if some of the rockets fail to leave earth. At least when we talk about radwaste.


And people like you only show up when there’s a Nazi’s honour to defend. Typical.


Oh dear… are we talking about Nazis in General News again?


Well in all fairness we are talking about that Yank Richard Spencer. He is not the most egalitarian man on the planet.



How does stating that people deserve equal rights regardless of their ideas make you a supporter of national socialism? Ignoring the fact that Spencer isn’t even one to begin with.


Please don’t be a sealion.



Forgive me for the heinous crime of asking to explain your reasoning after you’ve called another forum user a defender of nazis.

  1. Richard Spencer is a Nazi
  2. He’s defending Richard Spencer, apparently caring so much about his “fundamental rights to presumption of innocence” whilst ignoring the fuck out of the fact that Richard Spencer is a Neo Nazi White Supremacist who, among other things, supports forced repatriation of non-whites out of the United States. He makes no other comment in this thread and only emerges from the woodwork to defend a well known white supremacist. I wonder why that is.

Basically this Richard Spencer fuckboy is complete garbage, and anyone playing the world’s smallest violin on his behalf has their priorities skewed. Pick your battles better, stop sticking up for fashy wife beaters like Spencer and defend people who are worth defending, like the asylum seekers in the so-called Migrant Caravan.


1: Ah yes. Spencer. That classic national socialist. Hanging out with homosexuals such as Milo Yiannopoulos, and denying that the Holodomor, Stalin’s man-made famine in the Ukraine which killed millions, was a genocide.

He’s not a Nazi. A racist and white nationalist, sure. Not a Nazi. Please don’t degrade that term any further, though it once again just demonstrates Godwin’s Law. Comparing someone like Spencer to a National Socialist downplays the evils of the latter and honestly is just disrespectful towards its victims.

2: Yes, the guy who viewed thousands of topics, read over a hundred thousand posts, gave over a thousand likes and made several hundred posts himself, “Only shows up to defend a Nazi’s honor”.

Or are we just talking about the specific General News Thread 2.0? Even then, just a few minutes of checking shows him discussing topics from Polish politics to abortion in this very thread.

Does he “ignore the fuck out of the fact that Richard Spencer is a Neo Nazi White Supremacist who, among other things, supports forced repatriation of non-whites out of the United States.”?

Yes. Because it’s irrelevant to Spencer’s fundemental rights as a human.

3: You can call someone whatever you like, you got free speech, so sure you can call someone “a complete garbage fuckboy (paraphrasing)”. However, you cannot accuse someone of something without evidence. That’s slander, and that’s illegal. It’s generally known that ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ isn’t popular with people who hold different opinions, but it’s an important right to maintain for the sake of general equality.

You can call someone an idiot. You cannot go around claiming someone is, say, a pedophile, a rapist, or a domestic abuser. Them having ideas you don’t like doesn’t suddenly make them lesser humans who don’t have the same rights as you.

4: A topic such as the illegal migrant group currently marching towards the US is totally unrelated to the current subject. Sure those people have certain rights that ought to be defended. So does Spencer. Regardless of where one stands on either of those topics.

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Homosexuals such as Milo Yiannopoulos?

Wow. Firstly, It’s incredibly distasteful of you to use the fact that Milo Yiannopoulos is gay as a shield to deflect criticism of Spencer’s pigshit ideology. So, a Nazi hung out with a gay guy. And? That means he can’t be a Nazi? Secondly, did you miss the fact that at that meeting, Spencer and his crew were openly seig-heiling while Milo sang karaoke?

This is a guy who openly believes in white nationalism, associates with prominent neo nazis, wants to forcibly deport all non-white people from the USA, believes in eugenics and wants to create an ethnostate… Oh yeah, and he openly performs Hitler Salutes. But calling him a Nazi is somehow unfair to him?

Well meaning but tonedeaf liberals like you will be the death of us all, i’m deadly serious. Your willingness to hear out Nazis and thinking that is somehow admirable is misguided and tragic.


It was not my intention to use his connection to Milo in a distasteful way. The point was that homosexuals were severely prosecuted in Nazi Germany, many dying terrible deaths in concentration camps, and the fact that Spencer would publicly hang out with a homosexual either makes Spencer a terribly inconsistent wannabe national socialist, or an edgelord, and I’m leaning towards the latter. Though both are sometimes pretty much interchangeable.

I didn’t miss the fact that he has his gang were in fact doing their little Nazi salutes, but again, in my opinion, that’s more of their childish attempts at being provocateurs than anything else. In comparison, his Hail Trump speech on the 19th of November 2016 comes over as much more serious and dangerous, but I’ll even in that case defend his right to say it, despite my enormous disapproval. Again, coming back to my older statements: Radical thought should be allowed. Radical action should not.

Does his ideology have several similarities with National Socialism? Certainly, I will not deny that.

But it is not National Socialism, it still differs in philosophy in many key aspects. Not that it really matters, since National Socialism and Fascism also have their differences, but people just throw the terms around interchangeably at anything they don’t like. Just how the other extremist side of the political spectrum screams ‘Socialist’ or ‘Communist’ – though less so post-red scare – at any hint of social reform.

Lastly, I didn’t say calling him a Nazi is unfair to him. I stated that saying a group of edgy young adults are the same as one of the most despotic regimes in human history downplays the terrors of the latter.
Call him a racist, call him a white nationalist, call him a right wing extremist. Terms that fit him much better.

Ultimately all I wanted to state was that people have equal rights, regardless of what they believe in. Something that also goes back to my previous posts regarding the morality of radical thought and the immorality of radical action. I hope that you’ll eventually see the dangers that come with disregarding the rights of others, either for a goal that you deem morally right, or against those whom you deem morally wrong.

Regardless, since I still like browsing this topic, despite the sometimes toxic content, I’ll silence myself for now, since I don’t want this to end up locked like the original General News Thread, nor do I want to see people new to Hitman, especially with Hitman 2 right around the corner, have this as their introduction to the fanbase.



The whole bomb letter story has been so ridiculous that it almost has to be some sort of conspiracy. If anything, it’s been pretty hilarious.