General News Thread 2.0


Aren’t there police statements by now they were bombs?


Richard Spencer is 40 years old. He is not a young adult. He is a deeply committed white supremacist with dangerous ideas. He has held these beliefs sincerely for decades. He is the President of the National Policy Institute, a “thinktank” that promotes scientific racism to push the idea that non-white people are inferior. He has strong links to other white supremacists and neo nazis such as Andrew Anglin, David Duke, etc - He is one of the organizers of the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally. He was involved in the torchlit march, chanting “Blood and Soil” and “Jews will not replace us” - Nazi slogans. He’s so well known that an article about him abusing his wife makes it to BBC.

At what point will you stop characterising this individual as an “edgelord” and start taking him seriously for what he is? You’re doing everyone a huge disservice by refusing to see him for what he is.

And it is as I said - This train of thought is dangerous. If you genuinely believe it with any sincerity whatsoever then people like Richard Spencer should be considered your enemy. How can you sit there and attempt to lecture me about “the dangers that come with disregarding the rights of others” whilst defending and making tinpot excuses for people like Spencer who actually want to make nonwhites second class citizens with the ultimate goal of eradicating them from society? Perhaps you are not familiar with the Paradox of Tolerance.


Yes, you mean the bombs that were confirmed to be bombs by the FBI? Those bombs? Yes, I thought so


Another fucking mass shooting. In a synagogue this time. Being investigated as a hate crime. Casualties unclear.


The gunman is in police custody and is being treated in hospital for injuries, officials say.

Not dead? Good, then they can give him a proper sente-

[Trump] described the gunman as a “maniac” and suggested the US should “stiffen up our laws of the death penalty”.
“These people should pay the ultimate price. This has to stop,” he said.


Still good nobody died!


They didn’t release fatalities yet so sadly some probably did


There were lots of casulaties and injured. The gunman looks like your typical scumbag that does this kind of things and wouldn’t be surprised if he was into more than only being antisemitic.
I read in other source that sometimes the synagogue had police to watch the security during certain festivities but this wasn’t the case for this one.


What a fucking bastard.



Well now there is peace in Eastern Europe, you see if Obama had just simply said mean words to Russia when they invaded Crimea then all of this would have been averted.:roll_eyes:


I’m sure Russia is very scared of this guys sick burns. Honestly, I’d just surrender at this point. This guy embarrassed them.



Well Iraq (Afghanistan, Iran what Middle-Eastern country did he tell Bush to attack I lost count) sure as hell weren’t scared of Bolton’s mean, mean words. Bolton can’t pick an alarm system for his house let alone advise the security of a nation of 325 million bitter people.


11 fatalities in the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.

Here is the shooter’s final post on “Gab” (Where Twitter racists go after they get banned)

HIAS = Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society.


All of the current info on the shooter.

Basically he was highly anti-Semitic and anti-Trump. What I find interesting is that he was actively posting on his social media and was talking about his political views hour/minutes before the shooting.


When the turkish president Erdogan visited Germany a month ago, the journalist Adil Yigit was among the other ones who made photos while Erdogan and Merkel gave statements for the future economic partnership.

He wore a shirt with the message in both Turkish and German: “Freedom for journalists in Turkey” and was led out of the room when this was noticed.

Today, Germany denied to expand his residence permit after 36 years living here and maintaining his turkish government-critical newspaper.


Shouldn’t he be able to become a citizen at this point? From what I know (which is little, I’ll admit), you can become a citizen after 8 years (and some other requirements).


I don’t know his individual case, but I guess as a journalist he wanted to keep his turkish citizenship and having both is possible but not easy when you were not born in Germany.


I’m not an expert or anything, but I think there’s a tiny chance that might be politically motivated…


Fuck this shit.


Philippines World-Famous Boracay reopens to tourists… as an Environmental Police-State.

Among the highlights of the new rules:

-A total ban on all fuel-based public transport
-Total ban of umbrellas and deck chairs
-Total ban of pets and animals
-A coastal ban on all jetskis and powered water vehicles
-Sand castles can only be built with an approved Government permit.