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There is basis for comparing his victory to Duterte in the Philippines.

In both cases, the alternative was to vote a political party composed of the rich, the landed, and by many accounts - the corrupt.

There are those who voted for Bolsonaro/Duterte out of a desire for drastic reform, and those who voted for them simply because they didn’t want the alternative to continue in power.


“Beyond Brazil above all, since we are a Christian country, God above everyone! It is not this story, this little story of secular state. It is a Christian state, and if a minority is against it, then move! Let’s make a Brazil for the majorities. Minorities have to bow to the majorities! The Law must exist to defend the majorities. Minorities must fit in or simply disappear!”
— Jair Bolsonaro, the next President of Brazil



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“I am in favor of a dictatorship, a regime of exception.”

“I’m a rapist now. I would never rape you, because you do not deserve it… slut!”

“I will not fight nor discriminate, but if I see two men kissing in the street, I’ll hit them.”

“I would be incapable of loving a homosexual child. I’m not going to act like a hypocrite here: I’d rather have my son die in an accident than show up with some mustachioed guy. For me, he would have died.

“If your son starts acting a little gay, hit him with some leather, and he’ll change his behavior.”

“[Homosexuals] will not find peace. And I have [congressional] immunity to say that I’m homophobic, yes, and very proud of it if it is to defend children in schools.”

— Jair Bolsonaro, the next President of Brazil


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The Simpsons is a fucking cartoon.

Why are we even doing this? It’s not like Apu is the only stereotype on that show. Actually, almost EVERY character is a stereotype.


Don’t just get rid of Apu, cancel the entire show.The Simpsons is artistically over, and has had nothing relevant to say for literally years.


I hope Brazil enjoys its new burgeoning dictatorship. Lord knows they deserve it for doing something so irredeemably stupid and it is about time South America had another dictatorship.:roll_eyes: I mean the last was formed what a decade ago.


Next they’ll be forced to change the skin color of every character. Why are White Men depicted as having YELLOW skin? :stuck_out_tongue:


Pictures to go with the caption:


“The first thing that struck me was that an event like this could happen in the heart of New York City,” Curry told The Atlantic . “Watching it felt like an episode of The Twilight Zone where history has taken a different path. But it wasn’t science fiction – it was real, historical footage. It all felt eerily familiar, given today’s political situation.”


Fascinating that the German American Bund was deemed “Not Nazi Enough” to be accepted by the Nazi Party.
Also interesting that misrule with misinformation at a large scale far pre-dated the Internet.

I guess people using Fake News to subvert people is as old as news itself.


A key rule of mine has always been to never blame the electorate - Even when they vote themselves into a dictatorship like this. Usually it is an act of desperation against a ruling class that has fucked them over for years. That’s what Brexit was, for example - I don’t blame every single person who voted for it, I blame those who created the conditions that led to it happening (Farage, Johnson, Cameron etc). When a ruling class fucks over the population for too long, they’re eventually going to buck and do something drastic out of desperation - Including voting for a tinpot fascist strongman like Bolsonaro.

Bolsonaro doesn’t exist in a vaccum, he’s one of many far right authoritarian leaders to take power in the last 2 years. They’re going to keep popping up and they’re going to keep siphoning the rage of the electorate unless something drastic happens. Either way this won’t end peacefully.


Angela Merkel will give up her party chairmanship in December. Her party went down by two-digit percents in quite some state elections and in polls. She wants to stay chancellor of Germany the remaining term. In three years we will have parliamental elections at which Merkel will leave politics entirely. But that might happen earlier if we do the elections earlier as well.

Currently the Green party and new Alt-Right party have gained from the loss of Merkel’s CDU and the social-democratic SPD, which was comparable large as the CDU but also falling in elections and polls, more massively than the CDU.

Merkel is our chancellor since 2005. Change is really needed as her government is known as stillstand in every regard.


Don’t let them win. Please. We have enough of these idiots.


I have a feeling they grabbed the whole potential group of people who vote for them. They did not grow for half a year despite making use of every news against refugees. I guess there would have to happen something really bad to make them jump higher.


Well the last time an alt-right party ruled Germany we (the human race that is) fought a world war. Don’t think they want to make that same mistake, but people are stupider and stupid people are getting more attention.


Well it was not alt-right but classic-right :sweat_smile: And I don’t see them being war mongers like the Nazis were. I think we will learn their true nature in a year when the state elections happen where they have their strongest poll count in Germany.


Sorry Alt-Right must mean something else outside of Germany but I guess Germany is used to not having a lot of right parties. Like how China and North Korea talk about democracy in a way different to us.

It is nice to see a nation that takes its green [arty seriously. When I say I vote Greens they tell me I’m nuts


We have a quite powerful constitutional court that frequently stops laws which are against the constitution. If this Alt-Right party becomes big enough and shows clear intentions to break the constitution, the party might get banned completly.

But I don’t see that to come soon. I guess I am more optimistic about this. The true problem is that the social insecurity and inequality is getting bigger since 15 years. And either the social democratic party gets their shit together and does what people expect them to do or it will become worse.

Plus with all jails being full it is hard to lock away the actual criminals, refugee or not, there is always a chance for the next scandal to be misused.