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Can’t you just do what Liechtenstein does and imprison some of them in Austria (or another country with minimal crime)?


I don’t know if we can do that, but I am against jailing people outside our own executive authority. Other state’s prisons or private prisons like in the US is not constitutional in my believe.

We just need more prisons and I don’t understand how this is an issue.


I can’t speak for Germany but here we need less prisons. The best way to avoid overcrowding is to send fewer people to prison.


Yes, sending fewer to prison can be a solution. But being unable to send them there is not a solution.

Current (numbers from September 1st) situation in Germany:

We have space for 73,603 prisoners. 64,351 are occupied.

BUT we have 175,397 warrants of arrest we cannot enforce. Most of them are of open legal procedures.
Many surely will be absolved. But those who did serious crimes are free until proven guilty. And even then courts sometimes decide to give them suspended sentences. Not because they deserve that sentence but because the space is needed for worse criminals.


Possible Cautionary Warning against taking low-cost Indonesian Flights.

Lion Air was once on a global airline blacklist due to safety concerns. In this latest incident, the Lion Air Boeing 737 Max 8 that crashed had logged less than 800 hours but was worked on by Lion Air engineers the night before.

It is believed none of the passengers survived - only body parts and personal effects have been recovered

The plane’s black box is still being located.

Over 10,000 Boeing 737’s are in circulation around the world, the design is a continuing variant of an airliner type that has been in service since the 1960’s.



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Including Quinn’s?


Flaming Jesus Christ, you can see that wall of text from outer space.


What about encouraging violence against a particular group of people?


I believe he isn’t allowed to reply to you here.



Short answer: Yes

Long answer: Yes. As long as he or she does not try to enforce radical ideas through radical means.

Tolerating the radical ideas of others, or in other words, respecting their right of free speech, does not mean one cannot challenge those ideas through debate and discussion. If we don’t challenge each others ideas and try to take radical action against them instead, we create echo chambers and polarization.

After all, actively taking hostile actions against others for their radical ideas with radical action doesn’t lead to either them or yourself from changing their mind op certain issues. It just creates an ‘Us’ vs ‘Them’ scenario.

If I wasn’t tolerant of his/her ideas, I would not engage in the discussion, I’d try to use radical action to stop him/her from practicing their right of free speech. Through the form of censorship or worse.

I go more in depth on this in my wall of text, but I can understand if that’s a bit much to go through :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, you’re absolutely right. Whoever reads it all deserves some sort of trophy or something :stuck_out_tongue:

Regardless, I tried to make it relatively in depth so that, even if I get banned right after posting, users who read it fully get a larger chance of understanding the concepts behind it.

But yes it’s huge


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Yes I’ve answered the last three posts so that others might find an answer there for any FAQ, but for everything else sending me a PM if you have any questions is the best course of action.





Unsolicited comment from what seems like a Flight Industry insider/crew/pilot regarding Lion Air crash:

WARNING: Some Sensitive Language


My thoughts: However morbid this sounds… Lion Air may actually be hoping the Flight Recorder is never found. :frowning:


Remains found hidden in a building belonging to The Embassy of the Holy See in Vatican City may lead to possible closure to a mysterious disappearance that occurred in 1983.

The Disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi has been speculated to be linked to a ransom attempt by terrorists for the freedom of Mehmet Ali Agca, an arrested assassin who tried and failed to kill the Pope in 1981. But other sources attribute her disappearance to an abducting by Vatican officials.

A second girl, Mirella Gregori, was also abducted 40 days before Emanuela and is possibly linked to the same case.