General News Thread 2.0


Unless you are joking, I meant that the system that got calibrated on the asian population, you of course cannot expect it to work equally good on other ethnical groups. :wink:

I try to find that article again. I think it was actually independently tested.


I am joking.

True women and darker people are more likely to be flagged under iBoarderPatroland and have misconstrued results under AI FR



So is Eminem proving he can be as shitty a movie producer as he is a rapper.:joy: Mars Bar wrapping is more talented than him.


Just a reminder that leavers fucked a good thing up.


I think the Easter Rebellion and The Troubles are both far better reminders of leavers fucking things up much ore than some silly customs union.


But the Easter Rising and the Troubles actually had a point. In what universe is leaving the EU better than remaining?


None but I thought the topic up for discussion was what can be lost in the succession of something. I thought the dispute was between Ireland and the UK with the EU mitigating. Didn’t realise it was a post-Brexit thing (yeah, yeah didn’t read the article, Brexit has long be irrelevant here in Australia). I know leaving the EU is a terrible thing to do, just ask Great Britain bet they regret it everyday.


While the Irish border dispute may be between Ireland and the UK, there’s still the issues of:

  1. Irish citizens are EU citizens by default.

  2. There are citizens of the EU living in the UK without residence permits, because most EU citizens do not need them for other EU members.

  3. There are British citizens living in other EU member states without residence permits.

So the whole thing is really just a mess.


Who would have thought what is that mess number 465837 that Brexit has made?


Now I wish I lived in Detroit. Been trying to catch that movie since last year. Fortunately it’s finally starting to play in Chicago but only in select theatres which means not close to home. Still, I’m gonna try and make some time for it.


Don’t you fuck with Eminem m8.


Something tells me Eminem is not going to read this. I mean this comment was made days ago and I forgot I wrote it. Still mean every word though.


Yeah, I understand, but I somehow get triggered when people fuck with Eminem, even if some of his songs aren’t very good.
I don’t know, perhaps I need psycological help or something.


I think Eminem is still good :^) saying Eminem makes bad music is subjective, saying he’s not talented rapper is just incorrect. let’s leave it at that


I completely agree, now let’s go back to talking about news before this thread gets derailed even further.


Latest on Lion Air Search and Investigation:

  • Flight Data Recorder retrieved
  • Voice Data Recorder feared lost

If the story of “T-45C Lieutenant” holds true, the Data Recorder and Voice Recorder could reveal a story of amateurish panic leading to just crashing the Boeing 737 at full speed into the water.

Even with the voice recorder lost, the data recorder could reveal that the pilots entered wrong inputs or no inputs after Auto-Pilot disengaged (which can sometimes happen if ice forms on sensors etc during climb to 20,000 feet).

If any of the above is true Lion Air will pay a king’s ransom to make sure it stays covered up. The whole airline could get banned if this is true.

At the same time, if pilot incompetence is to blame Boeing would like to see its 737 exonerated of blame.

Someone somewhere could be making a lot of business with these black boxes…


Why would you eat a random slug off the ground?

Actually, why would you eat a random slug off the ground in Australia of all places, where pretty much everything is prone to killing you?!

Poor lad;


I’ll have you know that not everything in Australia is liable to kill you sure if you get rid of the tens of shark species nine out of ten of the worlds most venomous snakes, the raging bushfires, the hurricanes, the swooping birds, cricket games and kangaroos there are plenty of animals that wont kill you here.

We have wallabies, numbats, wombats, koalas, wild flowers, blue heelers, giant colour changing rocks, parrot, parrakeets, lyrebirds and Dame Edna (although she also counts as a wild animal)

But yeah never let your child eat off the ground anywhere.


^Read the above post in the voice of Crocodile Dundee… 10/10. :slight_smile: