General News Thread 2.0


Yeah but at least they can go to school/work/a concert/anywhere without getting shot


That guy has damaged more of our image than a million Tony Abbotts.:joy: By The Way every time you foreigners read something like Crocodile Dundee (which BTW is a Scottish city) just remember you are reading it like a hick in the South would. Imagine reading Rabbit. Run like a redneck.



Well it is nice to know there are still some good news coming out of geo-politic these days.



Was narrower than anticipated. One down two to go


88% on Rotten Tomatoes and 77 on Metacritic sounds pretty good to me.


Really? Well then Marshall Mathers (is that right) should really keep working on his film knowledge he is clearly better suited to cinema.:smiley:


So the kid knew where the gun was and had easy access to it.
And then killed himself in the end to avoid punishment-didn’t shoot the grandfather.

An 11 year old shot his grand mother point blank range, ran away from the grandfather, shoots himself.

Sounds kinda fishy to me I am looking at grand father…but investigation is pending.

I mean could be the kid-kids with guns is all the rage and suicide by gun is very popular among certain demographics in this country.


Reminder to the Americans here - Go vote at the mid-terms.


I think poor education and a hostile enviroment under the guise of normal family life also had something to with it. These kind of things don’t happen from being stubborn alone. Maybe this kid (if he did it) also had some other issues in the head.


yeah I suspect there is a reason he was living with his grandparents and not his parents.

The grandmother was the legal guardian.

Sad story of course, I just think it’s fishy about the grandfather still being alive.


Lets see what the forensics have to say. Still, nothing changes this is a special kind of disturbing.


Remember, remember the Fifth o’ November / The gunpowder treason and plot.

It is Guy Fawke’s Night in the UK and it was Bonfire Night last night in Australia’s Northern Territory



watch that pharmaceutical stock





This guy wanted to use a gagging order to stop journalists from reporting on his bullyish tactics. Fuck him and fuck his shit gagging order, I’m glad someone broke it.