General News Thread 2.0



An unfortunate likely effect of today: the GOP is going to get punished by losing a bunch of House seats (and probably the majority), but the seats they’re most likely to lose are moderate suburban purple seats occupied by the few remaining anti-Trump Republican voices.

The party will shrink but will also become even more firmly dominated by Trump and his enablers.


Nope… it appears Trump will continue to defy political forecasts

GOP for the win… so far as of this time:

-Republicans only need 7 more seats to win control of Senate. Democrats needing 14 to win the race to 50.
-Republicans lead Democrats in race to 218 in Congress 73 to 67.

I guess America has made its choice.


The key races haven’t been declared yet, so it’s much too early to make that assertion. The battleground has always been the purple seats, and they’re still too close to call.


The fate of the world hangs in the balance.

I wonder how many people in America have been swayed by the news that China, America’s biggest rival, is actually hurting under Trump’s rule… The guy sure loves to win.


He’s won precisely Jack shit. And China is not hurting under Trump. What nonsense is this?


Well there’s stuff like this:

So if there were people who equate “China losing” with “America winning”… they’re going to feel pretty chuffed.


Trump’s trade war is also massively hurting the United States, because the tariffs which are placed on Chinese products and other products that are made abroad are paid by US firms when they import.

Trade wars benefit nobody.


Yes. It entirely depends on whether everybody reads every story in the cycle.

Basically Trump has declared a War of Attrition… which is another thing billionaires like to do.
The people who voted for him… some of them think they want one.


Yeah, and those people also think that climate change was invented by the Chinese in order to make US Industries non-competitive.

They don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.


Like I said…


Ted Cruz losing to Beto Orourke will make me legitimately happy. I really hope that happens.



Fucking Punk Ass Ted Cruz is going to win. Fucking Lizard piece of shit. Goddamn





Those are the words of a man who knows he’s fucked


Completely fucking delusional.


Republicans expand Senate Majority.
Democrats win the House though for the first time in 8 years.

But what does it mean?

In the Philippines, since budget is controlled by the Executive branch of government, they can actually grant rebelling legislators a “zero budget” to keep them in line.

I suppose it’s not like that in the U.S.?


Some believe that Democrat House control could lead to Trump, who some view as not being a true Republican, to achieve what right now may seem unthinkable… Trump may yet prove to Americans he can actually work with both Republicans and Democrats…