General News Thread 2.0


Some believe the moon was made out of cream cheese, some still think the Earth is flat and some think faith healers are viable forms of medical treatment. Point is some people are idiots.


What I do know is that people like Donald Trump have Values made out of flexible plastic. He’d dress up as a Mexican if he thought it would help him get something even as he continues to talk about building the wall.


Well now I wanna see that serpentine fuck in a sombrero and fake moustache.

I would say Donald Trump has values like a non-Newtonian fluid it rapidly changes shapes as he gets louder. God I hate than man.



Yep and right before the Democrats lay in with the investigations as well.

Trump reminds me of an alien bird species from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy that did everything it could to not evolve because the birds did not want to do it.


Bye Jeff. You were a racist and nobody liked you. fuck off.

Now to watch in despair as they pick someone worse - A Yes Guy.


Well hopefully they wont let this Whitaker guy get the job full time. Besides there is so much more Trump can be busted for now with the Democrats in charge of the house.


Five years after the game first launched, PAYDAY 2 reveals both a new final mission and apparently a new hidden ending. The new finale, set inside the White House in Washington, D.C., with the objective of stealing Presidntial Pardons, features a hidden chamber of demonic monsters, and ends with a supernatural body-soul swap ritual between Bain and the POTUS segueing into a 12 minute live action ending.

N.B.: Longtime PAYDAY players say this content was hinted at as early as the first game which contained references to ancient artifacts, cults, and other supernatural elements.


I chose option C, I didn’t engage. Never watched as it sounded like a load of crap.


Shooting in California’s bar. 12 dead including the attacker.


This is never going to stop happening.


I know the chance of getting hurt in a mass shooting is very rare. But it’s definitely the gun culture and shootings which make me hesitant to ever consider visiting the U.S.

Also, I would probably get lost in one of those massive Walmarts and get diabetes from a box of cereal.


My city has a Walmart and it’s actually quite nice. Nothing over the top. Still, here there are also chances of being caught in a shooting between cops and sicarios. It’s so common that you start being numb about listening to the gunshots.



Is this news? Who knew Poland National Day would draw out the far-right morons of Poland? It is like if BBC reported “Water falls from Niagara Falls, water was wet says observers”


You mean like this?


No that is Fox News they are an entertainment show that broadcasts exclusively on its own entertainment channel. (Not even kidding FN has to be classified as entertainment I am sure)


How about this


What channel is that, is it a local channel like they have in North America?


Yes it is news