General News Thread 2.0



This is one of Kavanaugh’s D-list accusers by the way, whose claims were never really given attention. I watched the confirmation hearings pretty much gavel to gavel and don’t recall ever hearing about this woman. That’s not to say she wasn’t alluded to in passing, but I feel like this story is being used to discredit Christine Ford and other credible accusers.


Sony cancels 2018 Playstation Experience event which would have happened in December.
Also announces it will not be attending 2019’s E3.


This is what happens when Dreams, Death Stranding, and TLOU 2 are in development hell.


Sadly first ammendmen doesn’t concern to factual freedom of speech. More so it includes rights to religious views in it’s statement.


“I’m going to ignore scientific evidence just to continue my petty hate feud with left-wing politicians and people. I’m a shitbag.” Now I’m not sure if that’s the exact quote or not, but that’s what sensible people hear


No I believe the quote was “When our nation “votes” again in four years the people will realise that we actually did nothing but fear-monger and drive away our allies, so lets make sure we have the mining and agri-business people on our side” But I don’t speak Brazilian Portuguese so I might be mistranslating.



Quick question:
Why is he being trialed for treason, I really haven’t heard of this, could you fill me in with some details about it?


He was using his political power to imprison big political opponents, a notable case being Yulia Tymoshenko. He also used violence against Euromaiden protestors.


Who is this Yulia, and what is a euromaiden


Euromaidan is the anti-government protests in Ukraine which caused Yanukovych to be removed from power, and Yulia Tymoshenko is a former PM of Ukraine who was convicted of embezzlement and abuse of power after she lost the presidential election to Yanukovych in 2010. She got released early after Yanukovych was deposed. The charges were viewed by many countries as biased and false.


This generation is wrapping up. More likely Sony is putting all it’s eggs in one basket to prepare for the PS5 reveal. They’ve solidified this console cycle, there’s really no point in hosting these events anymore, especially when their biggest competitor, Microsoft, is a generation behind trying to catch up.


In the immortal words of Elon Musk,

“Sorry pedo guy”.




Man, I couldn’t help but immediately think of Sierra Knox when I saw the news. It’s a good thing she’s okay, though.



Russian Nintendo fans launch uprising against “evil tyrant” CEO of Nintendo Russia

Yasha Haddaji shot up to Public Enemy No. 1 by ordering an oversupply of the wrong version of Pokemon Let’s Go. Yasha also ordered that he didn’t want any Pokemon cards to be sold anymore in his territory due to tariffs while other territories dealt with higher pricing. He then followed it up by picking a fight during a live stream event for Mario Kart 8… without realizing he was bring projected and recorded onscreen…

Nintendo of Russia had the video of his rage up on its Social Media for many hours before it was taken down but not before the public managed to archive it.

Nintendo has advised it is investigating Mr. Haddaji.



Can someone please explain to me the reason why Presidents pardon turkeys?
I just find it kind of bizarre.