General News Thread 2.0


Traditionally Americans eat turkeys on Thanksgiving.

Perhaps sparing one was a symbol of compassion before turning onto a tradition?


It is kind of bizarre, it’s essentially a bit of dark humor regarding how the President has pardoning discretion for (some) kinds of capital crimes - so is able to spare lives after they’ve been condemned to die.

The sparing of the turkey is supposed to be a bit of levity about how the president has that power - which is why previous presidents used to use it as an excuse to make ridiculous Dad Jokes.


Says he died after a “long illness”.

Was criticized for his failure in the Skripal poisoning plan.

Dies of an illness



What if he really did just die of an illness?

You know, 47itis


Heputinis V

This text will be blurred


Dude it is Terminal Putinitis obviously. What Art School did you get your fake degree from?



20 long ilnesses




This is what we call appeasement.

You don’t defeat the fat right by capitulating to their demands and giving into their scaremongering.


she’s right, when has appeasement not worked?


Uhh… When Nazi Germany invaded the Moravia (part of the Czech Republic now) the rest of the European powers said it would let them have it if they did not invade any other nation. That did not turn out well. (I might not be remembering this right)



Someone tell me this isn’t the level BBC is at these days. Tell me I fell for it and it’s a cleverly made parody.


Yes I think that is a parody. I recognise the person on the right as a comedian or comedic actor but I don’t remember where from. But in all fairness if I sent someone a text to have people call me your highness people would assume they have gone insane.


I am unsure what the question is. It’s a comedy show in which guests have to surrender their cell phone, at which point Michael McIntyre writes something ridiculous and does a sent-to-all. Later he reads up the responses, which are often hilarious.




US border patrol have used tear gas to repel unarmed, non violent asylum seekers from the migrant caravan.


For a nation of immigrants some of them can sure can be really intolerant to migrants when they want to be.