General News Thread 2.0


The revenge


Almost had me eying that “buy” button

but I need it $5 cheaper and the upcoming DLC plus the bugs they are willing to acknowledge ironed out.

Even at $35 this is over priced.




Hit dogs holler.

Why you so hot bothered that you had to say something petty. Boy please.

I am thinking it is no more than one of the DLC they put out for fall out 4. Reminds me of Far Harbor.


it’s nothing like fallout 4

source: I have played it


What you mean?

The gunplay has been improved to make up for the gutted vats which the combat system relied on heavily?

Has the UI on the pip boy been improved so that it makes the menu navigation easier in a never paused game?

What is the new improvement or mechanic that has been brought to the table that justfiies the price and an actual improvement over fall out 4?


Yeah it is worse than Fallout 4 and I like Fallout 4.


Naaah. 35 dollars for the best game of the year the same month it comes out is an absolute bargain.


Cause you’re on a Hitman forum posting in a thread suggesting discussion?


Huh? You still going with this nonsense?

So your so butt hurt that I am saying I am not enticed by the newest hitman game costing $35 that you broke forum rules to shit post a throw away comment? What’s the point my dude? You wanna prove you got the biggest hitman dick?

I’m on the forums sharing the news of the price drop and sharing my opinion that it’s not enough of a price drop. You retort with a shit post and want me to further engage you in pointless degeneracy. You don’t want discussion. You pull that naive act on someone else.

Good day


the map is a big improvement, the gunplay is obviously better, there are some decent survival mechanics if that’s your thing. base building is better than ever, and of course the multiplayer is a blast to play, solo or with friends


While I don’t think from what I have seen Fallout 76 is a horrible game that is perhaps the most glowing review of the game I have seen for it.


I think it’s great, it’s no masterpiece but it’s exactly what they promised it would be - I haven’t even noticed the lack of NPCs, the players you encounter along your journey are more entertaining and provide more RP opportunities than a generic NPC ever will


I guess I found that being an online MMO was a turn off, I have that terrible Aussie internet and play on console so I rarely pay for internet. Add on to the the fact that the game IS multiplayer and those are just not my cup of tea. The only thing I liked was the use of folklore in enemy design and the game world being varied.

Also I forgot you had a Butch avatar that is a little alarm bell going off.:joy: (not accusing you of bias though)


I can totally see why it might not be people’s thing, and there’s obviously nothing wrong with that. I just find that most people that haven’t played this game still have plenty to say about it :thinking:

(tunnel snakes rule)


Trust me there is a reason I have not dogged on the gameplay and ect and that is because I am only speaking about what I know. I wasn’t going around saying it sucks until I saw reviews and footage. I mean I have played truly bad games like Ride To Hell Retribution so I know what a terrible game is like


You like what you like, can’t take that away from anyone.

Yes, the gun play LOOKS the same I haven’t held the sticks in my hand. So I will give you that, if you say it’s improved then it’s improved. Just in looking at hours of game play and bunch of reviews I am looking at what appears to be the same thing but without NPC. Plus I am not a fan of online multiplayer in general so. Just as a consumer I ain’t seeing enough to pry $60 out my fists.

But to me it’s value still sits at around $15-$25 then I will jump in.



I cannot give my usual effort but I can say this.

Nothing about any of this surprises me, it’s what the cops are paid to do. Which is why news about cops not killing people, not shooting black kids who had bb guns, makes national news and is a feel good story. Cops kill people in cold blood routinely that’s why positive news about them not killing is needed.

What does surprise me is how unequipped this police department is, you really get the impression of a group of people trying to scramble. Reminds me of the first couple of days of Furguson, and Dallas. When the police know they fucked up but need to scramble to make the victim look like the bad guy cause he smoked weed.

Makes me think of the recent death of a bouncer in the suburbs of Chicago. It seems the 2nd amendment is not kind to colored folks. Although we don’t need a history book to know that. Fear of coloreds with guns speaks to the NRA, the 2nd armament and the need to have a organized militia in case the slaves start acting up and segregated military service, lest the Negroes act crazy and shoot white soldiers.

I think America should pretend this is not a issue and blindly support the police, government power up until they finally start shooting YOUR kids because they didn’t take their meds.


There’s a reason that travel to North Sentinel Island is banned, and the fishermen that took him there knew very well what that reason was. If Chau did as well, then I can only say that he was a fool who payed for his decision with the worst possible currency.