General News Thread 2.0


Chaud doubtlessly knew too given that the government goes to great lengths to keep people away, however the disparity in relative wealth doubtlessly made his offer seem like a once in a lifetime opportunity for them.

That they would not take him to shore, requiring him to kayak the final leg, should have been the ultimate warning for him.

However, clearly hubris got the best of him.


They weren’t entirely non-violent, according to the reports that state that some members of the caravan were hurling rocks at US agents, with some reportedly even going so far as to use the women and children as human shields.

Note: I am in no way condoning this and think that the tear-gassing of a non-violent majority was abhorent and unecessary.


Specifically according to the report of the representative of the people who tear gassed children and claims to know whether they would qualify for a status he is not able to rule on without interviewing or investigating.

Not exactly worth putting a lot of faith in.


The myth peddled by the US Government:

San Diego Sector Border Control chief patrol agent Rodney Scott said Monday morning on CNN that when the migrants approached border fences, they ‘immediately started throwing rocks and debris at our agents, taunting our agents.’

The Reality:

They’re quite literally demonizing these people, making them out to be monsters, who “taunt” the people they’re in actuality trying to seek help from. This is abuse of the powerless by the powerful. People justify the deaths of civilians in Gaza because they “threw rocks”, the same trend emerges in any kind of abuse of power. Whenever unarmed black men are shot to death by US cops you hear that they “didn’t put their hands up” or some other trivial action which didn’t justify the level of force used.


Yes, that’s why I said “the reports that state” and “reportedly”. I wasn’t trying to use it as a counter-argument, more just a “this is something that might add to what has already been reported.”


What evidence are you basing your belief that it’s a myth off of? I’m not saying that them throwing rocks justifies the response at all, just that this is an additional piece of information that is being reported. I think that what the Border Patrol did was really shitty, but I was just trying to provide some more information on the whole thing.


Well there’s no reports of them throwing rocks from anyone other than the Border Force - And since the US authorities are known to fabricate and exaggerate reports of danger to justify aggressive action, I’m more liable to trust the journalists who are on the scene, the photographic and video evidence that depicts teargassing but no rock throwing and the eyewitness accounts who say the USA tear-gassed the migrants but make no mention of rock throwing.


Alright, good to know. Just thought I might be able to contribute to the discussion in some way, that’s all. :smile:


That chau guy was mentally unstable.
Who in their right mind fucks with hostile people.
And that to convert them to Christianity?
He also got warning when they shot arrows at him which pierced his bible. He waited for night in his boat, and then again went there.


I wasn’t aware of that last part, damn. While the faith that God and/or Jesus “have your back” may be comforting to those believers in the Western world, it won’t stop an arrow shot from the bow of a hostile, non-believing islander piercing your flesh.



Nothing, having the EU back the deal means it is “too biased towards them” or whatever excuse it is for the Tories today. The deal will be scrapped or shelved next please.


Naturally I am a big fan of Bobby three sticks.
So much so that before I even found out my wife is pregnant I began talking her into allowing me to name my child after Robert Muller in some way.

I eagerly await Bobby three sticks report, I hope it is made public. I can’t wait for the Hollywood movie of this presidency to come out.

I only hope that Manafort didn’t do serious damage to the investigation with his lies.


Possibly but Manafort being a liar and defrauding the court of law does not look good for Trump. I half expected Manafort to lie. So long as what is not corroborated with the evidence at hand is used the probe might not be damaged much. But guessing anything in America is like throwing darts blindfolded after being spun around


Yes I did my bad I will make the change.




Talk about awkward.

20 diplomatic incidents


This news made me do some serious soul searching and mental reflection. I remember these women from their days on youtube. Their support for trump is very basic and not well argued. They honestly come across like a minstrel show -but that has been their choice. As much as I would like to dive into the psyche of the black American all I can say is I won’t knock the hustle. I believe people know full well what they are doing.

To that end I have decided to knowingly commit fraud. I am intelligent and articulate enough to express political views that I don’t agree with, and do so convincingly. I am going to embrace Donald Trump and the alt right in hopes of getting picked up by conservative media and paraded as a black supporter. I am already a conservative it’s not that hard.

Do anyone remember the “Blacks 4 trump” guy?

They are so thirsty for any non white support to show unity and non racism they will let anyone stand behind the president. All I need to do is claim I fully support Trump, talk trash about Democrats and I can be the next Candice Owens. See you all on Fox News.

No I am not kidding. I can’t post my true opinions anymore. Gotta turn into an alt right proud boy. I gotta do it for the money. I just gotta make sure everyting I do is legal and they can’t put me in jail. It’s not a crime to say I am a trump supporter and not really be. It’s not a crime to make vidoes and blog posts defending Donald Trump and I don’t really. I am convinced that my nation is hungry for young minorities to embrace Trump. I might as well get this money.

Talk to me about affirmative action.



What is that saying “panem et circuses” yeah definitely applicable for these people.