General News Thread 2.0


that is my favorite phrase. It’s so true.

But the end we all have to put on our clown suit.


I tend to find ways to avoid putting on the baggy ploka dots. But it says volumes of a party who have to use such “luxuries” to secure votes. Reminds me of the quote “Air condition was the downfall of the Roman Empire, with all their windows closed they could hear the barbarians approaching”


Is this what we’ve come to? Tear gassing migrants and then denying it by saying it’s “so harmless you could put it on your nachos”?


Remember when Hungary was basically a Soviet satellite state? This feels like that.


Even if we assume there were people who threw rocks, the disproportionate use of force remains clear. They gassed crowds knowing there were children in them, to me that’s indefensible. The “human shield” argument is also problematic since I haven’t found any evidence of it, while the gas deployed is indiscriminate.

To add, under international law, a “human shield” is a civillian being used to block the targeting of a legitimate military threat. There is no such thing here.


And I’m back with a fresh news story and a money making attitude.

Recently with all the rhetoric that police need better training, and that the police are somehow enforces of systematic racism and so called white privilege it is import to show that cops are hard working people who have to deal with folks at their worse.

One such person at their worse was Michigan woman Sylvia Verellen. After getting drunk at her boyfriend’s house and causing a scene which included eating some jewelry the police were called to escort her from the property.

It was then that Ms. Verellen starting verbally, and physically assaulting the police. As expected the police kept their cool and professionalism to ensure that themselves and the public remained safe. If cops were really the stone cold killers, that SOME would have you believe then this woman would be dead after behavior like this:

"The incident quickly escalated into assault, the official added. “One of her very first actions was to punch one of the officers,” Jones said. “Through the course of their contact they had punches thrown at him. She had spit at them, she had kicked at them…tried to bite them.”

But the messy arrest didn’t end there. As she was being carried out of the home she “refused to walk and was kicking one of the officers in the legs,” police said in a statement on Facebook.

She had to be forced to the ground after grabbing at an officer’s holstered handgun."

We have to identify and celebrate officers like this who can handle people at their worse, even suffering violence to their person and a threat to their safety all without firing a gun.

If the men and women of the uniform were anything like the hateful rhetoric suggests the cops would have been fully justified to shoot her when she reached for the gun. But they didn’t. Another successful arrest and tense situation defused just like the millions that occur every day thanks to the police.

If you get killed by the police it is your fault, they do everything they can to make sure them and everyone around them is safe, even if it means getting spat on in the face. Bravo police man. Blue Live Matter.


I agree with most of your point but saying stuff like this is as nonsensical as saying that cops kill just because they are racists.


Good, glad you liked it. I will take your advice and use if for my next peice


There’s a pretty big politician here in Canada that thinks “CO2 is just good for plants, not pollution”



Is it opposite day in Canada? I mean come over here (Australia) and hear how our lobbyist and cronys talk


This is some stupid shit


PETA pulled off such thing sooo often it can’t even trigger an emotion on me when I read that.

If I would have to make a list of things that are hindering animal rights, PETA would be on that list.


PETA are more of an annoyance than a protest group at this point.


this is hilarious



Huh, jeez I guess that resets the Days Without Intellect counter out on Penn. Avenue



I appreciate your attempt at bravery, but the fact that police do a lot of good work and often deal with maniacs in a professional way is not really in fucking dispute. I’m perfectly willing to acknowledge that, and I’ll even do so without adding snide qualifiers about how cops “somehow” deal with folks at their worst or are “so-called” hard-working people.

But when someone is shot for no god damn good reason by a psychotic or racist cop, maybe one with “you’re fucked” carved on his rifle or a series of racist e-mails on his desk computer; maybe one who plants a gun at the scene after shooting a man in the back, and maybe the police department conspires to cover up the circumstances, I don’t take any comfort in the fact that somewhere else in the country there are a lot of cops doing their job honorably. I say “wow, this is fucked, this is murder, and we need to do whatever we can to keep this from happening again.” How many peaceable arrests do cops have to make before they’re allowed to murder you without criticism?

PETA is deliberately provocative and operates way over the head of a lot of people. Almost everything PETA does is a stunt and almost everything they do is highly effective at raising the profile of animal issues. I’m very sympathetic to animal rights and I really hadn’t been aware of “vegan wool” before I saw your post. Mission accomplished, PETA.


It goes over peoples head because they are stupid publicity stunts that do nothing at all, they don’t even conduce conversation on their issues. Instead of doing something tangible or professional like the WWF they carry on like a bunch of histrionia cases. Simply "making people aware’ is not enough to combat an issue.


I am now, with the impression it is ridiculous. Thanks to PETA.
Just in case you need another view on it.