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“So perhaps Trump—who wants to ban Muslims, deport undocumented immigrants, and build a wall to keep the alleged killers out—needs to take a long, hard look at his own gender. It’s clear that if we really want to stop mass shootings, we need to find a way to stop men.”

“Women tend to see violence as a last resort, as a self-defense mechanism. You use violence if you have to, if there’s no other way out,” Fox told CNN. “Men tend to use violence as an offensive weapon, to show them who’s boss.”

Men make mass shootings because it’s edgy and cool amirite?

Men don’t commit mass shootings because of mental health issues or things like that.

Here’s some analyzing and some research behind it instead of blaming.


I think that’s because men have the hunting/fighting instinct more than women. When you look at the beginning of mankind, men were the hunters, and women collected fruits etc.

Maybe that’s why when a man is hateful, he’s more likely to go do something… practical, then when a woman is hateful.

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Unless they’re Muslim, then it’s pretty much always because they’re a Muslim. The discussion only ever veers towards mental health when the perpetrator is a white man (Which is the majority of cases in these mass shootings). Secondly, both women and men are affected mental health problems equally - So there’s clearly more factors involved.


“Add to this problem the ease of procuring a semi-automatic weapon in this country—and suddenly, you have a lot of angry, unstable men with mass killing potential.”

This. I have said it before i say it again strict gun control, it will probably not stop it from happend ever again, but it can help reduce the killing.

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The article you have your picture from is generalising all men though. It just say “all men are bad” and do not back it up with facts or research.

Race does not matter, don’t blame any group at all. It’s not mens or Muslims fault.
These kind of things cannot be solved by pointing fingers at who’s fault it is.

It’s clear that it’s men that does most of the mass shootings, but pointing that out doesn’t really help to solve the issue.

A clear example of mass shootings are school shootings. Some kind of change need to happen in American schools, something is clearly not right.

We can’t just blame the schools either. Like you said, it’s not just health issues or just another parameter, it’s multiple things that cause this issue.


So what does solve the issue? Why don’t you think it should be pointed out that most mass shooters in the United States are men?

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Why do you? I don’t really see the relevance here.

…what’s your point?


“Strict gun control” meaning what, exactly?

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This would be a great time for someone to:


Better source - Says its one person who stabbed a police officer before getting shot by an armed officer.

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Well, it’s karma then.

What is? Sounds like a cop shot a man with a knife.

After the man stabbed an officer, right?

I don’t see that as Karma, rather an officer trying to stop an armed assailant from killing a colleague.

I’m seeing it as karma for the assailant. He does something bad --> instant justice.

That’s appropriate when you slap someone and they slap you back - Not in serious situations like this which are still developing.

Seems threre is something else happening - Reports of 5 people being run over by a car too.

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Met Police are calling it a “terrorist incident until we know otherwise”.

Comes on the 1 year anniversary of the Brussels attacks, hopefully no fatalities