General News Thread 2.0


Forgiven me for being crass but


I know that you almost have to say nice things about people when they die, but retrospectively trying to sanitise the evil legacy of Bush Sr’s actions as President, Vice President and Head of the CIA is just disgusting. I mean, look at this crap!


It is definately crass, evil or not he was a human being, but I think a syndicated English radio station played “Ding-Dong the Witch Is Dead” when Thatcher died so?


For someone who seems to care about people and human beings in general I am surprised by your comments.

Where’s your humanity?


You can care about people and yet criticize people.

I never got this “you have to say nice things on people being dead” idea. Is it to comfort those who liked him?


Probably in the Middle-East to the people his pointless resource wars displaced. I will afford Bush respect in death, commiserate with his family and honour him for doing a duty and his personality but it will not excuse his terrible actions as CiC.


Just because I’m not mourning for a war criminal, it doesn’t mean I have no humanity.

I’d sooner ask where Bush’s humanity was, considering this was how he reacted after the USA shot down an Iranian civilian airliner carrying nearly 300 men, women and children:


I didn’t say anyone should be excused for things they have done or forgotten. It’s terrible when anyone dies regardless.


True but death does not make one’s actions unimpeachable, Bush was probably a delightful person and that is where my heart weeps for him. Not as a president, I never criticised him as a person but as a president, everyone is mourning the wrong facet of the man.


I’ll criticise him as a person because I believe his presidency was reflective of his views and morals. I’m not celebrating his death but I’m not grieving either. His extremely negative impact on the world is worth pointing out given the historical revisionism taking place in some obituaries and profiles of him.


True but what are those papers supposed to do if they say he was an evil man who did bad things then people on the right will just bash the papers on the grounds of “bias herpe derp” if they paint an overly good picture then you get people like us who go “wait didn’t he fuck up a region of the world for decades to come?” it is a no win situation.


Yeah, but referring to him as a “Gentler, Kinder President” is just… I don’t even have words for how disingenuous that is. You’d have to be either lying or completely oblivious to history to make that claim.


I don’t expect you to mourn at all. After all I don’t know the man personally. It’s still sad that a father, grandfather husband and person that served their country in many ways died. Then when that person dies, the media and people in general bring up stuff someone said or did at any point in their life and try to overshadow the actual death.

Curiously what’s your motivation for posting and linking negative articles on the day of death?

I heard he died and felt bad but I didn’t make it a point to go to a game forum and post political videos that’s all. When I first read your posts my reaction was why say anything other than post that he died. It’s like you wait for any opportunity to make it political that’s all. If not then my bad.


She wasn’t human so that doesn’t count


Yeah I know we already have a movie news thread but I am not bumping it up for this this is far to stupid for the effort. I have to say they could have at least made this temporary. Now all the Daily Sun readers will act like this is the end of all entertainment they will use words they don’t understand like Orwellian and Intersectionality. All the clueless Yanks will go “Derp you cant make jokes in England, you can’t use plastic straws or have villains herp a derp, I have the IQ of sea cucumber and I don’t research news like this. Derp Derp”

Neither was the Wicked Witch O the West. So it still counts


Daily Hei…I mean Mail readers too

Thatcher looked like the wicked witch too


Coincidence I THINK NOT!!!:joy:


The Sun is published in more countries. Any Daily Blank is awful though.


Because his status as the President of the United States as well as the Vice President and the Head of the CIA is going to be more relevant and important to most people than his status as a Grandfather, Father, Husband etc. When we discuss public figures who determine policy, command the military etc we need to do so freely and critically. People like that deserve the most scrutiny and they are very much aware of that (Besides Trump heh).

Because its Bush! He makes it Political by virtue of him being a massive Political figure. The spectre of his actions in Iraq still looms over us today. We know him as a former President, that’s his relevance to us - Otherwise we’d just be saying “94 year old man died”.


Oh man the reason I put up that stupid article about the BFI being retarded was to distract from this issue. He is dead we are not. He will be missed as a husband father and grandfather and all most everyone will revile him as a president,