General News Thread 2.0


"Here! Shut up! Here’s American Gladiators! Go back to Bed, America!“

Sorry its a Bill Hicks quoting day for me today


Actually I also wanted to rant about Americans and NewCorp.

Also Bill Hicks? American Gladiators? Jeez you must be old.


I’m 33 in a few weeks but I feel 25 :smiley:


Huh that makes sense I turned 20 half a year ago and I feel like I am 200 hundred years old.


There are people being illegally detained by the Russian government. What else is new?


“Meet Jordan Peterson’s Superfans: They’re not who you think they are”

Show pic of young white dude in a My Little Pony t-shirt

Um, that’s exactly who I think they are.


Jeez this a weird article, I know this is a general news thread but this article is barely news.


Reminds me of this incredible Reddit post from a guy who got dumped after taking his Girlfriend to see a Jordan Peterson lecture:


Despite being 20 I am incredibly old, just who the fuck is this Jordan Peterson guy?


Some muppet who considers himself the Rosa Parks of Pronouns


Yeah still a little vague I kinda want more than that. I mean you are lucky I am well versed in history enough to know who Rosa Parks was.


He’s a Professor of Psychology in Canada who got famous for refusing to call Trans people by their appropriate pronouns. He also thinks that Universities are overrun by “Postmodern Marxists” (whatever that means) and thinks all Universities should just drop fields of study such as Social Work and Social Anthropology. Complete lunatic.

My favourite article about the hack:


That guy behaves like a Scientologyst. ffs.


Sociologically that is impossible Marxist and Postmodern sociological approaches are oxymoronic. Only postmodernist reviews of Marxism or Post-Marx thinking exists.

God I hope not I am sub-majoring in sociology, it is the most important field of soft science in my biased opinion. Helps understand how people like this exist and how to stamp 'em out of the fabric of society



BOY wtf. I really try to keep off this as it is obviously a provocation but still…

In Germany the alt-right is getting bigger. Not much anymore though. And there is a left artist group called “Center of political beauty” which is doing stuff that is usually on the edge of legal actions. Like putting a memorial of the Nazi time into the garden of some Alt-Right politican. I don’t dislike this as much as the other stuff they do, like spying on the family members and taking photos of them, including children, to find out when they were not home to install the memorial.

Anyway, now they collected photos of the faces of like 7000 people who were at a right-wing demonstration. They put them online and ask the public where they work so they can put pressure on their working places to fire them.

At least that is what they say they do. Since they offer cash for the information, this might just be another huge provocation without the intent to do what they claim to do. But I don’t wan’t to rely on that. Especially if I was one of those on the pictures.

Here is the link of that action (german):

Laws should secure the personal rights of everyone. That is the purpose of laws. Something worth noticing is that the site used pictures of the “Jewish Forum” against their will. They announced to initiate legal actions as well.

The police only removed printed pictures inside the public office of the “Center of political beauty”, but nothing more.

What makes me really angry how stuff like that is granting right-wingers the role of victims. That will only make them stronger. If the police is not acting against this again, I don’t see how the state could stop right-wing actions of the same nature. And if they do, it would be a huge boost for the alt-right. Again.


It is a now win situation. It is what the alt-right love: to do put themselves in entrapment situations.

Either the German Police Department bust all of the right-wingers and the alt-righters bitch and whinge about “freedom”, “conspiracies” and whatever else they do. Or the police do nothing and groups like “Center of Political Beauty” wind up doing the stunts they do which make the alt-right run around like hypocrites crying victim.

Actually when I put it like that it kinda makes me support CoPB (only when I put it like this), those right wing fanatics cavort about, throw tantrums and go castrati whenever they feel victimised but when black people, Jewish people or even people with facial scars want do something they turn around and call them victim players and say they don’t have the right to complain.


It’s almost as if the Alt Right are massive hypocrites or something!


I think it is a difference if Alt-Rights are hypocrites about “freedom” and protests are making that visible, and if actual freedom in our sense is taken away from Alt-Rights just because we think they are stupid or we fear they become more.

The best way to be no hypocrite is to ignore one’s sympathy when it comes to justice.


I don’t really see how anyone’s freedom is being taken away - I mean, it was the Leftist group who had their headquarters raided by police and the photographs siezed, it seems.