General News Thread 2.0


The Roman Empire couldn’t even endure, I have no clue what made him think he could have ever restored it.


As there are some regimes in the past I don’t like to live in (Hitler, Stalin, Mao), I am not that interested into the definition of facism…

Which of course means you guys can ignore this post. :stuck_out_tongue:

¯\ _(ツ)_/¯


I won’t. Stalin and Mao were Communist reigmes and not fascist. Furthermore both were Stalinist and Maoist Communist respectively of course.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


yes, but only if you know what you are doing



Yeah that is not news as tragic as it is. Guy that shanked him few months back should have done a better job at it. Luckily Jair can’t pass a kidney stone through congress and that was before becoming president. To think they threw away men like Pedro II for this turd?


Wait what…?

This gender conflict is slowly killing me, often from both sides. What is going on.


Wait moron is a profession now? Jeez I wish they did it sooner. I would be a moron with tenure. Also this is probably the most interesting thing to happen in football that is not World Cup related in a while.


Ronaldo rape allegations?


Didn’t know about that but most everyone gets rape allegations now days so it hardly surprises me that he got pegged. Just hope he gets punished if they are found to be true.


Shit, it’s too bad they didn’t bring a gun.



Don’t worry Bolsanaro will give them all guns. Nothing will help crime or Brazil’s third largest industry (tourism) like giving everybody a gun. Arming all those gays, multi-racial, female, eco-warriors and Brazilian Indian people that hate you is a stroke of genius.


The more you hear about this guy the more he seems like the product of Satan fucking a dog.


Never should have gotten rid of their empire. That Perdo II guy is still worth a trillion of Bolsanaros.


“Let’s get rid of all the blacks and Muslims, hey I know this is completely the opposite of what Jesus told us to do…but who the fuck cares, that loser’s been dead for two thousand years!”


I don’t know locking them on backwater islands worked over here in Australia. If it doesn’t they can do what Tony Abbott did just bury the news so deep in the newscycle they will just forget the problem even existed



Belt and Road scandal article sounds like fantastic HITMAN Mission Story.


Huh I thought the Belt and Road was a scam cooked up by Chinese construction and shipping firms, that no-one took seriously