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It is a sham of different levels, all of it involving huge sums of money. There’s airports with no planes, buildings where there are no people.

And then bribes and other things. I know of some people in Singapore who were being reeled into this and they told me you could “feel an evil vibe” around the people doing it. It just felt wrong, or like they were exploiting something because, as that article states, none of the projects made sense and the sums were always huge.

In that conversation they told me “Someone is going take the fall for this but there seems to be so many mysterious figures we don’t know who it will be.”

It seems one of them fell today.



That is a lot of Jesus. In fact it is 33 days and and 8 hours total. In fact the entirety of standard Bible the eleven times over can be read aloud at the pulpit rate (without breaks) in that time



If at first you don’t succeed try and try again. Until the ECoJ decides it is more convenient to arrest you for pestering them so much.


Now… live from Austria it’s… "German or Else!’ :stuck_out_tongue:


That is the Austrian national motto (Yes I know it is a Wolfenstein reference)




Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (left) is the new party leader of the CDU. That means after Merkel’s term, she will be the new chancellor candidate of the party. AKK is closer to Merkel’s politics than her rival Friedrich Merz (right), who is more market-liberal and conservative. AKK won with 51.75% to 48.25%.

Might be interesting for those who feel affected by Germany’s influence.

People, me included, hoped that a more conservative CDU would help to get a more healthly party scene, especially for those who leant towards the alt-right party.

wtf going in France


They’re showing the world how to protest properly


I dislike the lootings and vandalism but I am envious of such emancipated citizen. The biggest protests we have here are just alt-right ralleys which are not that big. If you have other issues than that you want to protest about, you are happy if you are not alone on the streets.


The best thing is that even though Macron and co caved to their demands and “delayed” the implementation of the new price hikes, they didn’t let up and swiftly organized another nationwide protest to say “Hey, that’s not good enough - Let’s talk about WHY you did it in the first place, how about that?”

Fucking great.


Great now in a decade’s time when the Seine floods every winter and all the people complaining about not being able to go anywhere now cannot go anywhere because the summer heat melts the bitumen. Well I hope the French president goes “Sorry Macron tried to help you from yourself you just wouldn’t go for it. BTW that sea wall needs a tax increase I hope you are happy with that”.

Any protest movement that feels the need to destroy property, endure without a solid figurehead or leading figure, injure professionals only doing there jobs or worst of all forget why they are protesting in the first place is inherently flawed. It is disgusting how people are using this to get a freebie or a handout, I say that as a liberal person, a left leaning person.

These protesters though Macron was the only person to blame. What about the spike in oil prices due to turmoil in the Middle-East, Trump’s trade wars and tariff also cause a rise in oil prices? What about the damage to the French economy by holding up streets for days on end? All the gas people waste now sitting traffic? What about the money the French now have to spend cleaning up? What about its spread to other European nations, these protesters are now in two other nations and it won’t look good for France? The only thing worse than an angry mob is an ignorant one.


It’s four now actually, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Bulgaria all have their own “yellow vests”. Even fucking Iraq is having protests now.


Well Iraq has no shortage of things to protest so good for them they are due another Arab Spring hopefully it goes smoothly and no one gets hurt or worse. I would imagine Bulgaria has some things it needs to clean up.

But France, Germany and the Netherlands have more important things to worry about. Hell I don’t even know what the Belgian or Dutch cells are even protesting.

I think the Belgians want the president to be removed but why? Why hi-jack a French protest movement to do so? No one likes the Yellow Jackets now, I use to side with them when they had legitimate complaint but now they want free rides and handouts and especially since the fuel tax had a central idea with it, reduce the greatest threat to the human race.


One could also argue that any protest that leads to the inclusion of people engaging in destruction of property, looting, etc is a symptom of the inherent failure of those in power.

Generally speaking when people show up to protests like these they’re from backgrounds that don’t really provide any sort of training in how to manage an event, let along manage a crowd of hundreds of angry people etc. Also generally speaking when you have thousands of people gathering, it represents there are some inherent breakdowns in communication and discussion.

What about the staggering profit margins that mean oil companies can hire armies of mercenaries to protect their abuses of people in the Middle-East, or France’s complicity in creating the situation that led to the turmoil (purely so they could get cheap oil later)? What about the government’s obligation to help protect it’s populace against global problems? Why is Macron not obligated to use some government resources to find a better solution and provide blue collar people with more information?

For that matter, what about the oil company practices that mean that they tend to collect close to one hundred percent of the profits from the sale of fuel while leaving local businesses such as petrol stations to struggle to find other ways to make ends meet (hence why they always have a convenience store element)?

Why do we expect a truck driver to understand half of the issue, but just ignore the other half?


So basically you think the poor and working class should shoulder the financial burden involved in tackling climate change rather than the big multinational corporations who helped create it? Because that’s what this tax is.


I am not sure who you refer to in Germany. I have the impression the yellow vests are not that political homogeneous as the protests we have here.