General News Thread 2.0


Trump thinks every nice sunny day in the world is due to him.

Also feel like an ass seeing all those decent people in the protest marches. I hope those people let their true and righteous voices be heard over the insanity of violence.

Yes I was an asshole and I am sorry. Sorry I am for breaking personal rules as well. Can’t believe out of everything I could ever apologise for it would be acting and thinking rashly.

I like the Kinks more than the Beatles (Never sorry, Waterloo Sunsets forever!)
I like Oasis and I will never be sorry for that, Blur can suck it. (Pulp forever though)
I will tell people off for smoking (I am never sorry, but you will be if you keep smoking so stop it)
I drag my friends to poetry recitals (I am occasionally sorry for that)


It’s a shame really because carbon taxes at the moment are often too small to incentivise any serious change. Transportation contributes to around 15% of all greenhouse gases, by far one of the largest sectors in terms of emissions.

Does anyone actually know what France’s proposed tax hikes were? I can’t seem to find them.

In New Zealand corporations pay for their carbon emissions at a rate of about $20 per tonne CO2-eq: if you applied that same tax to road users the average person would pay around $900 during the course of their car’s lifetime, relatively nothing. You would need to apply a carbon tax of around 10 times that price (at $200/t CO2-eq) before people begin to consider the alternatives.

What governments should be doing is to subside cleaner transport options, like electric vehicles. Of course if you live in a country that relies heavily on fossil fuels like coal and gas for their primary electricity supply (thankfully, not New Zealand) then investing in an electric car is rather pointless. An EV that gets its electricity from gas is only slightly less polluting than your standard petrol car.

So what governments really should be doing is investing in renewable energy sources, which are only getting more efficient and more convenient to access. Then you have tackled the emissions of both energy generation and transportation in one, since the falling cost of batteries will soon make electric vehicles competitive, and then the switch-over from gasoline will occur. Contrary to popular belief we still have enough fossil fuels (that we know of) to last 200+ years, so climate change will not be averted by simply waiting for them to run out. Action needs to happen before then.


They really do, last time I was there in 2014 I noticed some shitty situations


Lucky NZ we use to have a carbon tax here in Australia and ours was scrapped simply out of spite.

Well the French government fucked up their transition to a full electric commuting civic sector. France has mostly nuclear power which is also environmentally disastrous more so in extraction and waste disposal and if nuclear power is like anything else in France only the rich are getting it with coal powering rural areas. The biggest polluter the US recently repealed subsidies because Trump can’t comprehend how a free market works and took his anger on the GM closures on EVs.

Yep. Unfortunately only big energy and big oil companies don’t want that. So until renewables can lobby for mor than Exxon it is not going to change unless we let our voices be heard or study other countries that have these policies.

But one thing I think everybody forgets is the past. Ulrich Breck (spelling) had a theory that human’s keep innovating until we reach a point in which our innovations lead to problems we fix them and ignore the issues until we reach a critical junction. He believed that we could also find solutions to problems by simply researching history. Things like coastal management go back to 10th century NZ, animal rights go back to the ancient Mauranya empire(spelling) and other methods of construction social dynamics. We should consider past solutions for modern problems


Well, I hope all the best for your motherland and all its denizens! We all deserve to prosper may it come in held hands.:grinning:


I mean movements that popped up after these yellow vest protests started (they started in November)


Oh any serious grievances they have or is it sabre-rattling?


Post the articles, I’ll translate for you. :slight_smile:


Uh I answered that question already. Sorry buddy.


Lol, not my motherland, nor my fatherland (although his was pretty close), but I do like to visit, and it’s sad to see the extent of corruption. The police are practically prostitutes, pay them enough and they’ll do what you want, and the judiciary aren’t much better, infact they’re probably worse. Some bar owner once offered Gypsy voters 55 dollars to vote for a certain party and there was a discovery of almost 500 thousand illegally-printed ballots in Kostinbrod during the parliamentary elections in 2013


Apology not accepted.

jk all good vro


Sorry I always though you were an expat. My apologies then. But yeah corruption of any sort is terrible.

Also you could still post the articles I only gave the basic info. Which if that above exchange is any indication is a terrible thing to do.


Oh I don’t have the articles, I wanted Urben to post them so I could translate them for him since they’re in French.


Oh well in that case don’t worry. They appear to a cross between Neighbourhood Watch/Avenging Angels groups and plainclothes officers. They work low to medium income areas but also do peacekeeping.


Weird, because he said they were way more aggressive than normal police. But then again, I don’t know how aggressive normal French officers are.


Perhaps Urben is simply still referring to how they looked. They seem to be a more informal unit from what I read. Might be they are not as trained as normal ones since they are plainclothes. Maybe they are aggressive because they are French? Always seems they took the Gaul out of France but left the French in the Gauls.:joy: (that is a joke)


Hey despite being totally evil and most likely to continue being total evil the Brazilian government rejected Total’s final application to derrick the shit out of the Amazon River basin.

But don’t worry it is only because Emmanuel Macron rightfully criticised Jair Bosoloanaro (spelling for humour). Oh yes this will effect France’s oil supply so there will still be expensive petrol in France. Brazil also stands to lose a trade deal with France has with with several other SA nations including Brazil, which on top of pawning off an expensive international panel one of those nations, will surely make them bestest friends with the neighbours.


Someone just fucking shoot the guy please


He has too many syllables in his name I agree! Also if he wants be an American so much just change your name to Jair Smith.


I think we should put Bolsonaro, Duterte and Trump into a space shuttle and fire it into the Sun. Then I will be happy.