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What about Viktor Orban? Or does his fat corpus require a rocket unto itself?


No actually they seemed to behave more agressive. I can hardly link on a video because I saw it in a livestream that was like 8 hours long.
Although maybe that was just my impression because I doubted them to be police and instead be some militant group.

Can’t find the article again sadly I’d like to have summarized. Generally if you find an article that is about their behaviour, that would be appreciated. :slight_smile:


His height requires a shorter rocket :smile:




“Try to listen to music.”

Turkish Embassy audio-recording of Assassin Operation captures fateful moment when Cleaner instructed killers to drown out the sound of the hacksaw body disposal of Khashoggi by listening to music.

Khashoggi also at one point protests that he can’t breathe as he is killed by the assassins.

They forgot to bring someone to deal with the recording devices. The recording, which does not sound like a “botched operation” as the Saudi government claimed, but instead sounds like an operation proceeding as planned, does not directly indict MBS, but does contain the chilling phrase: “Tell your (superior), it is done.”

Personal Thoughts: I guess Saudi can still claim it was a rogue operation. They just have to fire/sacrifice whoever can stand in as “your (superior)” - some Saudi spymaster (real or fabricated).

Also something to be said for someone “phoning it in as it happened”. There should be really minimal reporting from the site of such deeds. Idiots.


It seems pretty clear that they were used to operating within their own territory, where they could count on their controllers to eliminate risks like intercepted communications, etc. They took enough people to ensure he couldn’t make a scene, but didn’t factor in things like recordings or establishing distance before reporting in. Makes it pretty obvious what kind of stuff goes down in Saudi Arabia when journalists report something inconvenient to the powers that be.


They also may have misjudged (or perhaps they were promised?) the level of Turkish complicity in these matters.

Turkey had just borrowed money from Saudi Arabia literally in the timeframe of the assassination. This as Turkey rejected in October this year any financial support from the International Monetary Fund having just pocketed Saudi Arabia’s money.

A lot of Turkish business and property deals are also done with Saudi Arabian corporations and investors. In spite volatile politics in the region, the money that binds Saudi Arabia and Turkey is strong.

However, it is supposedly that same relationship which may have emboldened Turkey into using recorded data against its own debtor and the United States, whom Turkey blames for some of its economic problems due to tariffs on Turkish Steel and Aluminum.

That the expose has gone this far, after Turkey initially only talked about possession of these recordings, probably shows Saudi Arabia and the US have not asceded to Turkey’s requests - whatever they may be.

Not to “make game” of this situation. But I think any of us are kind of surprised at the lackadaisical level of caution for such a grim task… it’s right up there with “Diana talks too much”…

So many things, both good and evil, will be upset by this lack of discretion by the Saudi assassins.


The utter cowardice of our Government (in particular our Prime Minister) when it comes to Brexit is just staggering. For a bunch of people who hark on about the “will of the people”, they’re doing everything they can to plow the country into the awaiting abyss than actually listen to us.

It was also observed today by the European Court of Justice that the UK is the sole arbiter of Brexit - Meaning that article 50 can be revoked and we can cancel our exit from the European Union. That’s a very real possibility, and knowing all that we know now about how much of a shambles the whole thing is, there simply has to be another referendum or a general election. This Government is not functional, the PM is incompetent and has little to no support left in Parliament and among the wider public. Something has to give, this can’t go on. Brexit is a failed project with only negative outcomes. Nothing positive will come from it at all.


We don’t have a president :wink:
The complaints are the same: life is too expensive, people can’t make ends meet at the end of the month. It started with fuel prices but it developed into a more general complaint.
I think the yellow vests are a symbol of the end op Europe’s prosperity. People, and the poorer first, are realising we can’t keep up with the same living standards as our parents and grandparents. Due to environmental reasons, yes. Due to population growth, certainly. And due to the competition game, that once during and shorty after colonial times we were easily winning and thus loving, but now, not so much.
I have an understanding for the yellow jackets, soon it will probably the turn for my income bracket to feel the rising tide, but it’s simply a wake up call. It hurts. They break stuff around them in frustration but it won’t change a thing.
I have no sympathy for the yellow jackets. Violence clings to them and follows them everywhere they go.


It already did change a thing though, and a pretty big one.


I don’t think that’s a big change, it’s at best a symptomatic one and at worst very temporary.
The cost of fossil fuels is way too low given their external cost on the environment. It’s a matter of time before the bill is presented, one way or the other.


Well it seems the people of France don’t share your resignation - They’re still out protesting against it.

I think if every reform movement said “It’s just a matter of time before X happens so there’s no point in fighting it” then we’d be a lot worse off.


I wonder what Macron has to say. I heard one of the demands of the yellow vests is not to sign the EU migration pact (not sure how high in their priority list). And France did sign that one yesterday.


Resignation has got nothing to do with it. When I spoke about that bill I wasn’t talking about just money.

Macron’s policy is also the result of a reform movement, one, among other things, intent on fighting and minimizing the effects of climate change.

The yellow jackets are simply fighting the wrong nemesis when they oppose their president. And they are using the wrong tools when destroying the property of shopkeepers and car owners.


British Democracy is not perfect, but one thing always seems to ring true - Our elected officials and leaders cannot escape criticism. Theresa May is being torn apart in the Commons right now and she has no choice but to sit there and listen to it all.

Imagine Trump having to endure that. He couldn’t take it, he’d walk away like he does with the Press every time they challenge him.


Speaking of democracies that aren’t perfect…




Paris, one week ago :

Macron’s speech was followed by 23.3 millions french people on television yesterday. But the decisions made by the government are insufficient for the middle class, clearly.