General News Thread 2.0


USA: If you don’t vote, you can’t complain.
France: Fix the Economy or fucking Die, Bitch.


If you are from Strasbourg or have close ones there, I hope u and your near ones are doing well


It is my understanding that “les gilets jaunes” are against higher fuel taxes. Is this correct? If this is the case, what a bunch of idiots.



Yes, but because the taxes disproportionately affect the poorer and working class people. It feels like they have to shoulder the burden whilst the elite and powerful who do more to exacerbate man made climate change get let off the hook.


Oh shit! Happy Birthday to me.


So how long did you want that, a year, some months? How long?
I think i’m on around 9-12 months into that no confidence vote


From the very first day she became Prime Minister. She’s one of my most despised Tories.


Honestly, at this point we should just imprison all the climate change deniers and people in charge of fossil fuel companies in the Phantom Zone. Or just launch them into the sun.


“Yellowjacket will remember this.”



It’s not just the US…

The current ongoing talks in Poland are hamstrung by the lack of support and acknowledgement from many powerful countries: The United States, China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, the UK, Germany…

Nobody seems interested right now in the environment, and it’s small countries like Vanuatu that are left talking on the stage…


On of the most absurd things about Australia’s Carbon Tax (which got overtturned before it could have any impact) was that as part of the deal the biggest contributors (ie the coal mining companies) got granted a massive amount of tax credits to offset the impact.

So, yeah, I can definitely where the Yellow Jackets are coming from given France and most of the EU are currently getting robbed blind by companies exploiting tax haven legislation, and Belgium’s tax system has always put the burden on the workers (not the owners of companies).


I can see where they are coming from too, but higher fuel taxes is something I’m for, not against. Really, France (and the rest of the EU) should start switching to nuclear power.


Nuclear power is at one hand very efficient and clean and stuff, but unless we find someone who takes the waste, we should not start with it again. Also security is a risk too.

Btw France has already plenty of them, I am not sure you don’t mix up something.


I know they have plenty (and costs of electricity in France would be much higher without them), but I feel like not enough people know about the benefits of nuclear fuel. I am not sure what we should do with the waste, but I’m not a nuclear scientist. There’s definitely someone who knows.


You don’t need to be an expert really. Currently we cannot recycle it (except for nuclear weapons, huray!) so we need to find a place wher ewe want to have it for some thousands of years.

Shooting it into space is too risky, as it would be so many rockets, it is almost guranteed one ore more fail to reach the orbit, and then we have that stuff in the atmosphere.

I am more for pumping money into fusion technology. Many billionaires already invest into that, as it would solve like all problems. No waste, no dangerous situations, plenty of fuel.


We could always just drink it


I dunno I was always the collecting-type when it came to nuclear soda.


“Lemme guess, you wanna know about the medical trial.”
“So it is true! The girl had an electrode-altering neurochip implanted inside her brain…”

Figured I’d post this here as it’s an interesting story and reminded me of the curator’s project from Hokkaido.


Ms. Philippines Catriona Gray uses her videogame-like Slow Time Lava Walk ability during Swimsuit Competition at the ongoing Miss Universe 2018 beauty pageant.

Even her hair seems to slow down in mid air.

It’s like she has some kind of Pre-Order DLC bonus enabled. :stuck_out_tongue: