General News Thread 2.0


It really is blood-boiling the scrapping of that tax. The carbon tax was not scrapped for being blue sky or counter-intuitive to anything (Except energy companies). It was scrapped because Tony Abbott and the Liberals was and still is a petty, cash-hungry fossil. He took it upon himself to scrap things like the Asia Century Paper and the Carbon Tax just cause it annoyed Labour (stop me if you have heard this one before).


I agree with your criticisms of nuclear but I think the potential hazards of nuclear power are outweighed by the certain doom of the continued use of fossil fuels. If we can expand nuclear as a stopgap measure to hit our 12-year goal of not-locking-in-climate-disaster, I’m okay with it.


At this point, I’m convinced that most of the govs of the world don’t give a shit about us. We’ve been shown time and time again that they’re either too incompetent or greedy to get off their asses and fucking do something. It’s up to the common people to force these assholes to change. How, I do not know. But something drastic has to happen for that to happen.


As you don’t trust politics to change something, I don’t trust them making sure to make laws that keeps nuclear power plants safe.

I only have insight of local nuclear power plants in Germany and France, and it is very concerning how many small incidents happen, are down-played, and ignored. A crack here, a shutdown there…

The same society that is grabbing tightly around oil+coal is not ready for this dangerous technology.


We aren’t ready because we aren’t doing anything to prepare



I knew it! I knew the Cold War never ended it was just half time!



Our genius PM decided that this move that benefited no one but his churcho friends was a great idea. Now we lose a trade deal with Indonesia AND we lose beef exports to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.



Huh I thought Bulgaria would be Orthodox. Aren’t we supposed to call it Macedonia now or is that still a matter of debate?


The people of Greece still hate their gov for it, so the process is at halt now. I think they have elections soon as well.


Bulgaria is orthodox, however there’s nothing like the Pope bringing Christians closer together, whether they’re Maronite, Catholic or Orthodox.
I only posted this because it’s very likely he’ll talk about the name change during his visit. And Macedonia is also mostly Orthodox (with a notable Muslim minority).


Which is weird because Greece lost literally nothing to the name deal. No matter the outcome, Greece had nothing to lose, and only good relations with their northern neighbour to gain.


Well you know it is not politics these days if you do things with everything to lose and NOTHING to gain. ScoMo recently announced he is moving our Isreali embassy. Unlike America who neither gained or lost anything (fiscally at least) we lose everything and gain nothing (fiscally and diplomatically)


It is a cultural thing. The historical Macedonia was in Greece for ~1000 years and Alexander the Great was born there. It is an inheritance they don’t want to give up.


So? The geographical region of Macedonia encompasses territories of Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia, and the Republic of Macedonia as well as Greece. And the idea of some Greeks that Macedonia wants to “annex their northern region of Macedonia” is completely stupid, for one being a paranoid delusion, and for also being completely unfeasible. Compare the economies of Greece and Macedonia, and compare their militaries. And the fact that the northern region of Macedonia is larger than the republic in both size in population. It’s just petty bullshit at the end of the day.


Well that is the human kind. There are practical things that stave offs hunger, and there are idealistic things that make people happy. And Greek people make happy to have their glorious history, given what their country is now in contrast.


I wonder if American research advisors would do this.