General News Thread 2.0



MIT develops actual Shrinking Ray.

Implosive Fabrication Laser developed by MIT can shrink objects to 1,1000th scale. :open_mouth:

The method is believed to be one stage of a plan to develop Nanomachine Medicines to allow the deployment of microsized robots into the human body to deal with Cancerous Cells.


Just saw it on reddit, let’s get Hitman 2 to number one :smiley:






While I support withdrawal of American military troops from Syria, I’m not sure whether the arbitrary, uninformed, sudden mental zigzags and verbal ejaculations of an illiterate, character disordered imbecile necessarily describe the foreign policy roadmap to world peace.



Hey remember when China was like, “You can trust us”?

Yeah, no you can’t.


That was one of the things I wound up learning in my Asian Studies class. Never take a face value with China Central Party (I am sure not everyone in China shanks from the back or front) on any sort of geopolitical matter. Ever.


Generally speaking I would advise against trusting any nation, I mean either they have their own machinations in progress or they dancing to someone else’s.


You can always trust Liechtenstein bruh


Trump once again beaten and humiliated upon failing to get funding for the Border Wall. SAD!



Now you see if there is one thing I learnt by being a sentient being with a brain it is you don’t trust Russia on any geopolitical issue ever. Worse than the Chinese they are.


This is still a better fight than KSI vs Logan Paul



You can’t make these up! :laughing:

“Man Holds Up Bank with NES Zapper”

That sounds almost as incredible as another headline from years ago:

“Megatron Grips Town in Fear”


This is America

Don’t catch you slippin’ Up