General News Thread 2.0


“The Net is vast and infinite…”


I don’t want people to see my thoughts,


Well… next time you look at an attractive woman… She might just walk right up to you and ask if you two should get a room. :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, maybe that is a good idea


Yeah no thanks. I have enough trouble gazing into my own abyss. I don’t need to gaze into two others.


“Two others”? They say a three man network is only the beginning.
With enough development they could jack everybody on Earth into the Internet…


Yeah trust me you don’t want to read my mind my OCD makes for some “start of darkness” thinking


I wish compulsive traits leading to depressive thoughts were the worst thing floating around on the Internet.

On a side note, this the wildest story of tax evasion I’ve ever heard of:


Depressive/anxious thoughts is me on a good day. A bad day my thoughts can be outright criminal criminal.

Also I don’t trust anything Russia says and I thought you would too. I don’t care if it is “hyper-sonic missiles” or the world’s oldest woman.


Eh, I don’t trust anything that is of benefit to Putin but I love a good crime story - particularly since in this case it has no real impact on current events etc. Realistically ti’s pretty much impossible to prove or disprove.


I find it hilarious that some 122 yo woman spent half her life successfully hoodwinking Russia’s social welfare system.


Well France’s - but I personally think that we’d all have to admire her commitment to not paying inheritance tax.


Doesn’t matter it is like Ocean’s 11, Ocean’s 110 to be near exact.


Fuck Bolsonaro forever


That didn’t take long. I hope someone shoots the fucker deserves it more than Trump.


No it didn’t, literally one day and he’s already proven how dangerous he is.


Well hopefully he enacts his retarded gun laws and his voter base (or his enemies) all go hog wild. Lets see how safe and secure Brazil will be then. I give him a year then a revolution Brazil needs one badly.


You mean like in Mexico?

Note: Some sources link the assassination to the drug war in Mexico, but Oaxaca is not an area of drug and gang activity. It is now believed a land dispute may have triggered the killing.


Shooting, stabbing (another one), act of god (“another one”, coincides with the stabbing), being run over or military invasion. I don’t care just get Jain BananaBoat out of office.


He was member of the political party Morena and in my own opinion, every single one of them (including our actual president) deserves a bullet right between their eyes.

That party is formed by know corrupt scumbags, many involved directly in organized crime or guerrilla deals. No pity nor mercy for any of them.