General News Thread 2.0


Now, I know what you’re thinking. “This is the stupidest thing to have a fistfight over.”


It’s Florida.


I wouldn’t normally say this, but I’d gladly see Bolsonaro assassinated. He’s a disease.


Well one guy tried, he said God told him to kill him. So apparently even God hates him.


Speaking of God, Bolsonaro’s already started talking about things “threatening Brazil’s Christian values”. As soon as you govern a country with religion as an influence on your policies, you’re a bad leader. Inb4 theocratic fascism in Brazil


Well it also helps that I am pretty sure that in Brazil you don’t even have to be fully literate to vote! Jeez if I had my way you would need a university degree to even get to a polling station but then again I am a bitter, exceptionalist asshole


I look forward to him throwing a tantrum at the Pope.


I look forward to the Pope’s response to said tantrum.


Uhh I want to make it known, Jair is actually an evangelical or some other Christian sect.


Glad to know we meet your standards…


Boy those former Iberian Colonies cannot keep it together.


What does Duterte calling God “stupid” have to do with the secular running of a country?


Ignoring the fact that Duterte is just as much of a pathetic waste of sperm as Jair Bosolanro. We talking about how religious communities reacting to blasphemy. Soup and Quinn were joking about JB antagonising the Pope. I reminded them that JB is an Evangelical or some other fundie sect


Well he’s the polar opposite! Instead of using religion to run the country… he is running our country against religion! Lol


Have his policies actually been used against religious groups and practices, or does he just have a personal dislike for religion?

And, just to make sure, I don’t condone the suppression of religion, nor the endorsement of it. Religion should be completely seperate from state



Yep we wont forget that one any time soon.


Yeah, Duterte doesn’t meet my “standards” at all.


He doesn’t meet any ones standards he is a blood-thirsty psychopathic man-child which is sadly all to common these days in politics.


Yeah, but there’s reason to believe that his boast of throwing criminals out of helicopters is actually what won him the election…That and word that he’s enacted his own brand of justice against those who commit crimes against women by executing them on the spot.

He quipped about the incident: “I told those sons of bitches to put their hands up. They didn’t put them up in time.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Recently he narrated an incident of when a priest touched him inappropriately which supposedly is what fuels his anti-Catholic position.

But when he tried narrating a story where he fondled his own female househelp, the Solicitor General waved it away, claiming “He was just imagining a story to make us all laugh!”


My god, the excuse idiots use to justify Adam Sandler movies is used to justify a pseudo-dictators hypocrisy.